Ethiopia: The Ogaden elections is a farce

There is a postponed election being held in the Ogaden or the Somali State of Ethiopia. That was postponed, as some parts of the Republic didn’t hold polls during the General Elections 21st June 2021. This was postponed to the 30th September 2021 for security reasons.

In this up-coming elections there is a lack of proper opposition parties participating. This being the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) who said on the 17th September 2021 that they are boycotting it. Yesterday on the 25th September 2021 there was 6 leaders arrested in the region alone.

Before the ONLF boycotted the elections. Other parties has done the same, this being government friendly opposition like EZEMA. While Freedom and Equality Party (NEPA) has also boycotted it as well.

When these parties has all withdrawn from the polls. Know that the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali will get his allies and “yes-men” elected. It is just another round of selection and an in-sincere polls, which will never reflect the will of the region either. As their parties and representatives aren’t elected or even on the ballots.

This is just another round of (s)election from the PP and the regime of Addis Ababa. The “Medemer” terror is prolonged and they are getting “strength”. Especially, since all regions have massive PP representatives and nearly no opposition. Since they are either barred from campaigning, detained or disallowed.

In Ogaden the parties themselves isn’t participating, because they know the game of the state. ONLF and the others isn’t involved. You just know the end-game and results before the polls are even happening. There is no need to have it even and it’s just a mere waste of time.

If the PP and PM was seeking true legitimacy and real popularity. They wouldn’t have made this possible or been as insincere as this. However, that is how the regime is consolidating power and it’s not funny. It is just a disgrace and the general public are the ones that are suffering. Petty politics from PP and it shows. Peace.

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