Opinion: Muhoozi is the baby dictator

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is allowed to act and speak like no other army commander. That’s because his part of the first family. This man can disregard all diplomatic means and assessments. He can just speak his peace and pay it no mind.

That’s not because his the Commander of Land Forces and the third in line of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) aka the National Army. Muhoozi is allowed to tweet and counter what is the prerogative of the diplomatic community already working on. That could be how he talked about the coup in Guinea or conflict in Ethiopia. While other high ranking commanders would be silenced, muffled and eve arrested for uttering such words. This man can walk away and others will clean the air after the fact.

A general and a high ranking official should be careful. As the statements made or tweets even could alter relations between two parties. It is not like everyone will accept or think it is words of wisdom spoken. Muhoozi isn’t just another brother, but a UPDF commander. Secondly, his the son of the President so his words matters for that reason.

Muhoozi is allowed to have his speech and speak mind like everyone else. However, he has to take account of his role and his office. Others would have been fired, silenced or even detained for doing similar acts. That’s why we know he above the rest and can get away with it.

We can act dumb and stupid, but that doesn’t change anything. It is just a mere situation created by arrogance and entitlement. Muhoozi is oozing that and it’s evident. He can burn a Royal Palace and kill the guards without any inquiry or proof of the alleged crimes committed in Kasese. When he was the head of the Special Forces Command (SFC) they have never been looked into or questioned their activities. That’s because they were the “presidential guards” and Muhoozi was in-charge. There would never be accountability and his used to getting it that way.

There been other Security details and army commanders who has lost their titles, office and station, because they failed or didn’t deliver as promised. This being chiefs of ISO, ESO or CMI even. There been IGPs who got sacked and changed. Only Muhoozi is the one who is above and that shows the true colour of things.

That Muhoozi can act as a dictator, just like his father. Muhoozi can say whatever and it doesn’t have price. The costs and the burdens of his actions is for other pay. He gets away with it anyway. There are others careers and workload that changes, but he can walk home without any problems. That’s because his the heir and next-in-line.

Muhoozi will never have the ability to rule a party, govern or even gain natural popularity within the public. This man has never made his fortune or gotten promoted because of his skills. No, his there because of the President and he happens to be his son.

Muhoozi is the boss-baby and he should know it. The mocking of his drinking and his character traits will only get worse. When he should know that people wish for father to be dead and gone. Because, they are already tired about this regime and prolonged reign of his father. It is not like they want or need a second edition of this. They have already had 3 decades of this and don’t need an addition too it.

That just shows that Muhoozi isn’t that bright or have clarity. Power and boosting of his ego has created a delusion. Just like when his father says his there “because of the people”. When everyone knows its goats, ghosts and rabbits who pre-ticks ballots for him at every single election.

The whole regime is living on a lie and those lies will catch upon them eventually. It is not like Muhoozi will be saved by mercy and grace. He is just living by the gun and will die by the gun like his father. There will be no popular uprising for Muhoozi or in support Janet the day Yoweri falls. No, they will be dismissed and be disgraced. Since everyone know what they did and how they ate on the poverty of the republic. They detained, tortured and killed their enemies. The people will not favour them or their kind. That is what they made when they were in power and nothing will save them afterwards. Unless, they will flee to exile and have a humble home in another dictatorship.

Muhoozi should consider his way, but don’t expect it. He will be flashy and arrogant for life. The baby dictator is here and we shouldn’t be shocked if he stirs the pot. Since it doesn’t matter to him and he doesn’t have to clean up his own mess anyway. Peace.

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