A look into Museveni’s Statement “On the Military Coups that recently taken place in some African Countries”

On the 5th September 2021 there was a coup d’etat in Guinea. Since then Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have condemn it. What is striking is that the Ugandan Head of State has interfered and been part of several of coup d’etat’s over the years. It is not like Museveni have gone without using arms or using military force to get his will.

That’s why today’s release of a text written on the 15th September 2021 is striking. He defends his own action while condemning others. Like always he tries to be a history teacher… but it’s not saving him. It only shows how he tries to clean his own hands. While finding ways to attack and go after the ones who does coup d’etat’s. That really weird when you know his own history and how took power.

First piece:

Were we wrong to take up arms against Idi Amin? Not at all. This is because Idi Amin and his fellow golpists in Africa, were almost all of them agents of anti-African interests. We were calling them reactionaries and puppets of foreign interests. Who were they? They were the following: Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga, Eyadema of Togo, Afrifa of Ghana, Bokassa of Central Africa Republic, Habyarimana of Rwanda, etc etc” (Museveni, 15.09.2021).

What Museveni is doing here is saying that some are righteous, but others are not. He claims that he was right and did it for the right reasons. It is also ironic, because three of the ones mentioned he participated in. Museveni was part of brining Idi Amin, Mobutu and Habyarimana. Amin he was part of a coalition and made him a minister in the council after this. The two others he had already had his coup d’etat in 1986 and went into the countries in Great Lakes Region. Museveni used force, trained and supported coup d’etat in Rwanda and Democratic Republic Congo (DRC). In the DRC he did it twice and not only with Mobutu. That’s why it’s funny that he calls these reactionaries of foreign interests. When the reign of Museveni have gotten the same support, military training and aligned itself with the same powers that kept Mobutu in office. So, his not the right mind to talk about that either.

Second piece:

When summoning former Government Ministers etc, one of them said that if anybody summoned does not come, he/she will be regarded as having declared rebellion!! Really!!

Especially for the politicians, they have a right and even an obligation to say: “No”, to whatever they don’t agree with. Saying “No”, includes not attending meetings called. It is a peaceful way of showing one’s unhappiness” (Museveni, 15.09.2021).

This is also very ironic coming from Museveni. A man who has always sanctioned and targeted the ones who defies his reign. The man who has made life “hell” and hectic for anyone who opposes him. Heck, the man has even targeted the ones that crosses him too. Museveni has gone after all rebels and stifled the ones who doesn’t follow him. That’s why it’s dangerous to be a Movement Rebel and these have paid a price over the years. So, His Excellency isn’t the one to talk about this subject. He is again throwing stones in a glass house…

Third piece:

Finally: “Do the coup-makers have a right to interfere with our destiny?” The answer is a categorical “no”; it is good that the African Union accepted the minimum position of outlawing these coups. The freedom fighters, who themselves have not harmonized well among themselves, but must reject flunkeyism, should have no problem with leaders that do not share their views provided they are elected. Elections means one person, one vote, by secret ballot, at regular intervals. This is the minimum they all have set and it is a good one. If people who do not share our views win the elections, provided they do not engage in extra–judicial killings, we should accept their leadership and struggle against their wrong positions peacefully. The position of one person, one vote, by secret ballot, at regular intervals, is a good minimum position because it addresses the substance of democracy, which means the continuous and perpetual supremacy of the sovereignty of the people. Nobody has a right to interfere with this” (Museveni, 15.09.2021).

Museveni is really himself here. Twisting his tongue, but also justifying himself here. It is really unique that someone who has the knowledge, know-how and expertise in doing coup d’etat’s. As President and rebel Museveni has excelled through these means. Not like he didn’t build a career on the same objective and use of force. Museveni would never have one an election without tampering, rigging and using the authorities against his enemies. That’s why his really not the man to say these things.

Yes, in principle the ideas of democracy and regular elections is true. However, when in concern to Museveni they are just a ploy to legitimacy for his own reign. Therefore, it isn’t really an insight or justified. The man has also over the years used kidnappings, torture, political prisoners and extra judicial-killings. So, it is not like his innocent and a proper statesman of sorts. No, that is only in his deluded ego.

For a man of his stature and with his CV. This text is an utter disgrace. It is like we are not supposed to know what sort of man he is and what he did. He wants to look like a freedom fighter and a liberator. However, he uses the means, which he calls wrong in this here text. That’s why his really an ambivalent leader. Who in theory writes what is right, but in action does the opposite. Because that benefits his own, which is himself and his cronies. That’s why he fears a coup d’etat against himself. Peace.

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