Opinion: Oulanyah should address his master

There were accusations of repressive police action against these people who are calling for violence. The people who call for these have taken it publicly not privately in the media and in the newspapers. Nobody is talking about them. It is possible for us to weigh the whole picture and say anybody who calls for violence must be reprimanded?” – Speaker Jacob Oulanyah

The 11th Parliament Speaker Oulanyah lashed out at the European Union (EU) delegation at a meeting recently. The speaker must take the EU for fools and the whole Republic as well. The monopoly of violence is controlled by the state. The state has the security agencies, the army and the police force at it’s beacon.

It was the state that ordered the soldiers on the streets. Oulanyah knows this and he can blame the opposition. Like he does here and think the unarmed civilians are calling for “violence”. That is neither here nor there. In the matter of this republic, the one man who calls and address things with vengeance are the President.

President Museveni speaks ill and viciously about destroying his opponents. The President isn’t a man of peace, but another war-lord. The EU should know this and if they don’t… they should research about his history and CV. Museveni and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) lives on intimidation, fear and using the arms against dissidents. That’s why they have to vilify them and make them evil. Even when it’s the state that is abducting, arresting, torturing and extra judicial-killing them. Still, the EU should believe that this isn’t the whole picture.

In the last two elections it has been enough to be either associated with the “Defiance” or be for the “We are Removing a Dictator”. If you participated, was active or a member of either campaigns… you would be met with force or possibly loose everything. The authorities will go after you and everyone in your near proximity if they have too. That’s why Oulanyah must think the world is stupid at this point.

The state has used ungazetted safe-houses,Nalufenya and SIU Kireka to mention a few over the years to oppress the opposition. These locations and institutions would exist, if the state didn’t value them. Neither would it be to build anotehr maximum prison to ensure more people can be detained. As Luzira wasn’t big enough. That’s why the authorities are made to silence critics and they do it with huge enforcement.

The speaker can claim the others speaks of violence, but it’s not proven. When the main objective of the previous big opposition leaders has been a “peaceful transition” from the current one. That is not a violent revolution or anarchy. No, they are seeking peace and the aftermath of the ones in-charge now.

It is like Oulanyah and the Movement is so busy scheming. That they cannot hold their ducks in a row. They know these sorts of stories is not true. The EU should just read upon and seek guidance elsewhere. Because, this is just false. Violence just appear when the government entities are involved or ambushing opposition gatherings/meetings and such. It is not like it happens on it’s own. That violence are ordered from the high above and the ones in command. Not some random stranger or citizens from the ghetto. No, this is the Movement and all of the gentlemen in power.

Oulanyah is a loyal soldier for the cause and for His Excellency (H.E.). That why he speaks like this, but doesn’t make it true. It only shows that he serves a purpose and his a useful tool for his majesty. Peace.

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