Opinion: Mzee when is your birthday?

Yesterday, the authorities, the handlers and all the “Yes-Men” was celebrating President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni. However, the 15th September birthdate is a new creation. Not long ago the same man was celebrated on the 15th August. The President has also registered different birth years as well, this being 1944 and 1946. Therefore, he is surely toying around with this.

That’s why it’s hard to celebrate his birthday. He deleted all evidence early in his reign and has since then created his own narrative. The stories of his parents and their existence is all on his memory. Also on the stories and old articles. The origin is also changing just like he has a new name to every single election. So in 2026 expect him to have a new name and for a new reason.

What is clear that the President has done this all deliberately. That’s why I have written about this before, because the documentation on the wedding certificate from 1973 has other dates than on the birth certificate to Muhoozi Kainerubaga from 1974. This is alone putting everything into question and that the man cannot keep his ducks in a row. When he did in this 1970s… what is he able to do when he is in power?

That you can think for yourself. He has been in power since 1986 and has several of times changed things. That’s why he even needed an second edition of “Sowing the Mustard Seed” to revise the stories of the past. This is the sort of man he is and this is why it’s a manufactured date.

We can even look further back and early 2010s on social media. Public accounts and some radio stations was even joking that he was born in 1924 and was already 90 years old in 2012. That says it all really. His age, birthday and everything is natural to question.

Museveni have made this possible and he knows why he did this. He has deleted his past and recreated his own legend. That makes him more puff and glory, because his not proud of his origin. Neither, does he want the truth out. That is why he has manufactured it and it’s dumb.

That’s why it isn’t natural to celebrate his birthday. It is just a hand-picked day and a fixed story, which is based on a lie. This is not the fact or the reality. We cannot know and he has made this happen.

The President was born one day and should have a birthday. Every single person has a DOB. What we do know is that it’s politics and importance when and when. That’s because it is about legality or ability to stand as a candidate. This is why he has to alter this … and change it to make sense. However, at some point the truth will come out and the records from the past will resurface. Unless, he burned them all and destroyed it, as it was reported by others that he did early years of his reign. Peace.

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