Somalia: Farmaajo’s newest gamble

The dispute between former President Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed “Farmaajo” and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has today hit rock bottom. As the former President Farmaajo has suspended his Prime Minister and his activities.

This has happened after the President and his allies has stalled the investigation into ones spy murder. They have tried to conceal and even pay off the family. In regards to this the former President and PM has fought over appointments of leadership within National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA). They have also battled over ministerial appointments as well. These two has spatted over everything of late.

That is happening as the PM is in-charge of the security and the arrangements of the elections. The elections, which the former President has stalled together with comrades in the Lower House of Parliament.

Farmaajo is doing this after the PM dismissed the appointed committee to investigate and intervene in the murder investigation. Therefore, this is a personal affair, where they have both butt heads and didn’t give way.

Last time I commented on this, I said the lack of procedure and institutions was the reason for all of this. That’s because the state has been a personification of the ones in-charge. That is evident here and there is no denying the fact.

Because, Farmaajo himself appointed Roble to succeed the longest serving PM Kheire. It was only a mere year ago he was appointed and since then he has played a pivotal role. Now in the midst of planning and arranging the elections. The PM has stood tall on the supposed impartial investigation of a murder. That is clearly sensitive to the former President and his allies. Which is why he has acted like this and in the end suspended his own PM.

That the former President looks foolish is evident. Anyone can see that. It is like his hiding the facts and the reasons for the stalemate this time. He knows who was behind the murder and for what reasons they did so. If he didn’t know or have a connections. Why would he risk the election and at such a dire time? It seems to be a personal reason and at his own expense.

People are claiming the PM has been a renegade and not acted within his mandate. However, he has just followed the constitution and worked for an independent investigation of the murder. Not like he has forced himself in the middle or acted unreasonable. It is the former President who has interfered and stifled it. That shows his intentions and that some of his allies is possibly implicated.

That the former President is pushing for the suspension and does it now. Only shows that he still feels superior and above the rest. That he can use his office and mandate of Villa Somalia to cause more havoc. The former President has already stalled the affairs and the elections. This is further hurdle that he has created.

At this point of time… it is his game to play and everyone else is in his way. That is how it looks like and that’s he intends to further his unelected self in office. This is why he suspended the elections and tried to swiftly takeover power without elections. It isn’t like that was a saga from a long destined time. No, that’s just mere months ago. The former President is cunning and willing to do whatever to further his own cause. Now he had an excuse and could use the office he occupies for the moment to silence a distant PM. That really all here.

The thing that is tragic here is that the family members of the deceased doesn’t get answers and they are entangled into the political games of big-men. While the people and the republic isn’t getting the steady elections or new representations, which they deserve.

That should infuriate them and now he has suspended the one who oversees and is mandated to secure it. This isn’t an coincidence, but a happy outcome for a man who doesn’t want to have polls. Those polls might end his reign and he cannot accept this. He knows it and we all can see it too. Only the naive can think something else at this point. Farmaajo is such a fella and he has no scruples implementing it too. Peace.

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