Opinion: Are Duterte prepared to be as relevant as Robredo?

On the 24th August 2021 the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) released a Press Release stating that the current day President Rodrigo Duterte will be the parties candidate for Vice President. This is clearly in the vision of being granted a further role in government, because he cannot stand again as the President.

In the most recent election in 2016 Leni Robredo won the Vice-Presidency on the Partido Liberal or Liberal Party (LP) ticket on the Roxa-Robredo, where she won but the Presidential candidate lost. That’s the one that Duterte won in the last election.

Now, it’s steaming ahead of the next. The PDP-Laban has lots of infighting lately and the roles are changing ahead of the elections. Clearly, the VP position isn’t enough to fight for. The other politicians and high ranking officials wants more. That’s why they are all out to get their gains and possible benefits ahead of costly campaign.

The only way Duterte can be relevant or have any sort of significance if the President is an ally or he has a favourable character there. That’s why there is talks of a possible Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Tesoro Go or “Bong Go” as the PDP-Laban Presidential Candidate. At this very moment that is hard to know, but that would seal the control of PDP-Laban by Duterte and him alone. At this very moment that wouldn’t be shocking, but a very clear signal.

If there is suddenly a swift change and another party gets the Presidency. A party which haven’t been allied or working indirectly with PDP-Laban at the Presidency. At that very moment Duterte will be as vital and as important as Lobredo. Yes, Lobredo have used her time to challenge the President and his reforms. The OVP have questions the means to an end. That has been needed and shown character, but not gained her any well deserved credit.

Still, that role will not beneficial for Duterte. With has erratic and hectic rants. His change of moods and sudden irrational behaviour will not be helping him. Especially, when his Presidency has made the OVP seemed like a godforsaken to office to seek. Where has mocked and ridiculed her on a regular basis. Is he prepared that might happen to him? That someone above him will take away his authority and kick him of the pedestal?

Because, if he becomes the OVP with his popularity today. He might as well possibly not only seek safe-haven from prosecution. However, his also seeking a term of misfortune and possibly hit-pieces. Especially, if others than his “Yes-Men” and token allies takes power after him. Since, a new breed might show-up and make a mockery out of him.

Duterte might think of this as a safeguard for himself. However, he should be prepared for a possible role of damnation. Where he will be under the same toils and peril as Robredo. Not like his going for a office without perks and benefits. Yes, he will have that, but he only has as much power as the President bestows upon him. That means that he will be at mercy of the one winning the next election. That is huge bargain and a risk.

If he stands as the VP he should make himself ready for days of bad press and possible scandals leaking from his term. Plus he should be secured of more headlines speaking of his temperament and erratic behaviour. Which will not be backtracked as easy or have enough spin-control to avoid humiliation. Maybe Duterte should consider this… but don’t expect it.

President Duterte and his handlers seems like everything will go as smooth as in 2016. However, times are changing. He has shown what he does and we don’t know what sort of poll he will have now. There might be more questions than answers. Therefore, PDP-Laban should question themselves, if they are willing to risk this. It will be a circus and wonder if the people will be joining them for the ride.

Duterte as the VP will be entertaining, but is that the value of governance at this very moment? The value of headlines and gossip. No, it shouldn’t be. Nevertheless, I don’t doubt the will of having another pointless figurine as the VP in yet another term. Peace.

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