Opinion: Oulanyah forgot the role of the opposition

Honourable Members, let’s keep our eyes on the ball. The ball is this country and its people. The ball is not the regime. A focus on the regime is a narrow and a wrong focus. Put your focus and interests on the people who elected you to Parliament rather than on trivial issues like regime change” – Speaker Jacob Oulanyah (27.08.2021).

It is easy being a token soldier, being a loyal cadre and running up the ranks in the established system underneath the high above. That’s why you don’t have to be bright or smart. You just have to show-up and follow the commands. The orders are straight, unforgiving and you just have to enact it. That’s Oulanyah has risen to prominence and gotten to this stage. Not because his a wise-guy, street-smart or has any worthwhile skills. No, his just a pawn and a useful loyalist for now.

Speak Oulanyah should know all that, but he rather speak of hubris to the opposition. Mock them even and play around like it was a fair competition in the recent election. When everyone know the game was rigged. The whole system was controlled and there was not other objective. Than the Movement and the President to get the majority. Either by the hook or by the crook. The winner took it all and left breadcrumbs to the dissidents. This election was rigged and done systematically. So, Oulanyah should know this when he addresses people, but it seems like he doesn’t know that.

That’s why it’s striking when he says the focus isn’t on the regime. Like the Opposition isn’t there to keep the state alert and question their moves. That is what they are doing for the betterment of the republic. The opposition is there to check and balance. Call out the Movement for their scheming ways, injustice and impunity. They are supposed to call the NRM out for their mischief and grand corruption scandals. They are there to be thorns and spiteful challenges in the public. That’s to show what the government and the Movement should be doing, which it doesn’t… not just be another group of “yes-men” and “praise the lord” anytime the President kisses someone’s asses. That is for the internal Central Executive Committee of the NRM to do by itself.

The speaker further insults our intelligence that we shouldn’t focus or try to think of a peaceful transition. It is only necessary and needed to focus on the future. A future without Museveni and the NRM at the helm. When someone else is the President and His Excellency. That time will come eventually, either if you like it or not. The NRM has already reigned for over 3 decades and this era will end at one point or another.

That’s why the opposition should prepare and plan for a possible takeover. The NRM and Museveni cannot contain that and the will of the people forever. They cannot trick and lie indefinitely. At one point, the last straw and final nail in coffin is put. The treasure-chest is empty and the soldiers are starving. Everything that keeps this regime is gone, as the bank-accounts are empty and donors are not serving aid. There is no more schemes to get-rich-quick or fix some more bottlenecks. No, all of that will go south and there will be no redemption.

That’s why Oulanyah wants this era to last forever. He has the power and the station. The Speaker doesn’t want to loose it. Now that he got it and with someone else in power. He wouldn’t be as useful or have any value to them. He would just be a loyal cadre to godforsaken cause, which should have buried a long time ago. However, it has been persistent and never ending. That’s why we are here in the first place.

Oulanyah can call it trivial to ask for regime change. However, if it was so… why was newspapers closed and ceased over “Project Muhoozi” and why is it dangerous to utter out words of Post-Museveni? Why is it bad to have ambition and seek the place of H.E.? If it is trivial?

Also, to end this on a high note. Why was it needed to change the Constitution twice for one to rule? Why did the Parliament need to first abolish term limits before later stage abolish the age limit? If it is trivial. Shouldn’t the law or the constitution been intact?

That’s what bugging me… when men of his rank and stature calls it trivial. He should look into himself and his own role in all of that. The Movement has made this bed and they got to sleep in it. However, the opposition is within rights and should do their bidding. The opposition needs to keep account and question the NRM. The opposition needs to plan for a peaceful transition and work to topple this regime. That is if they are an honest opposition and wanting to end the dictatorship.

Oulanyah doesn’t want to hear any of that. That’s to be expected, because the end of the tyranny and regime would mean the end of his meal-ticket. The Speaker cannot risk that and rather want a mediocre and lacking opposition. Which he don’t have to fear or have issues with. This is why he speaks like this. However, the opposition has to enforce and be on the barricades to make life a living hell for the Speaker and his tribe. That is their duty and their role as opposition.

Hope they will act upon this and show their character in the 11th Parliament. Time will tell, but Oulanyah hope he can get a forgetful group of MPs and get an easy ride in office. Peace.

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