Pastor “Mama” Janet Returns: The Sermon of “Blessings”

“Yes, it is a brand new week! May the Good Lord shine His face upon all of you and give you Peace” (Janet Museveni, 23.08.2021).

This person, Janet Museveni wouldn’t be relevant or have a career like she has, if it wasn’t for being the first lady of the Republic and being appointed by her husband, the President for a Ministry. She is the Minister for Education and Sports but sounds more like a Pentecostal preacher.

In her recent post on “social media dialogue” it is a scripture reading and something that is fitting of a church and not of a minister. This text would have been perfect in the context of a church and a ministry. If she worked for one of them Western inspired Pentecostal churches across Kampala. She would have blended in and they would all answer “Praise God” and “Amen” after dropping this text.

However, for a minister and such… it is just weird and out of place. A minister and a head of state can have whatever religion they see fit as their own. They can believe and be spiritual, live after their own conscience and belief.  Nevertheless, this is just hopeless…

She reiterates: “That tithe then goes to your local church where you worship. The church of God will thrive and prosper, because if all the people who make up your local church, tithe, then the church will not be poor. The church then will take care of all the church leadership and also the orphans in the Parish near the Church. Consequently, the suffering of poverty and hunger will be taken care of and God will get all the honour and glory” (Janet Museveni, 23.08.2021).

This here is sounding like a preacher and a pastor. Pastor “Mama” Janet is at your service and waiting for her sermon. Where she will profoundly speak of giving to the church and how it benefits society. Surely all the pastorpreneurs of the Republic will be feeling Godly at this moment. That the Minister and First Lady speaks of these resounding words. As she speaks so softly and kind about giving 10 percent of your earnings to the local church. They surely hope this blessing will come upon them.

She further states: “Giving to God also includes offering in Church, many people when they go to Church and it is time for offertory, sometimes they walk out or they search in their bags to get the very least money to give to God, as if God is a beggar, instead of realizing that this is an opportunity to offer God something, because God gives you everything you have and could give you a lot more, you refuse to show Him any gratitude and He also lives you alone. So in essence, you close the only door for your blessing” (Janet Museveni, 23.08.2021).

This here would make any pastor and especially prosperity preachers excited. They are just waiting for scriptures and tales like these. They are just saying your wealth and abundantly so, after the amount you gives. This is just the sort of spiritual guidance TV-Pastors are doing and been outbidding each other as well. Pastor Janet is a on a roll here.

She ends with: “Therefore, for now, try Him by starting to tithe from the little you have and you will be surprised to see how what you have can grow and you find all your needs are covered and instead of asking others for help, you try now to be the one to give to others or at least share what you have. You will see the blessings of God multiply as you grow steadily in giving those who have less than you have and also to your place of worship” (Janet Museveni, 23.08.2021).

It is just such a show of the First Lady and Minister. The Preacher and Pastor is going all overboard here. It is not end in sight and whatever ministry she’s part of on the regular must clearly have done wonders. Since she sounds ready for the role of a pastor and a preacher.

Janet should resign from Government, as she is ready to work for the Lord Almighty. She should beg for forgiveness for the all the pain and suffering her partner has done. Janet should ask God for forgiveness for all the money and government funds she has misused and earned fortunes on. The preacher should testify and be vocal, repent her ways and ask God for mercy. Since, she wants to badly to become a saint and a follower of God.

That is what is missing from Pastor Janet, “mama” Janet better be careful. She should repent and atone for her sins. Which she has been conniving and using her titles for her own good. Janet needs to answer for this and so should her husband too. They need to answer for God and beg for mercy. Peace.

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