Opinion: Mnangagwa ‘the Crocodile’ will not be able to hijack another revolution

Today President Emmerson Mnangagwa said that what happened in Zambia would not happen in Zimbabwe. This is the New dispensation and the 2nd Republic, which is delivered by Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

He said it this: “Let me tell you, that if anyone dreams that what happened in Zambia will happen here. Wake up and brew beer to exorcise yourself” (Mnangagwa, 19.08.2021). That shows his sign and his vision. That isn’t shocking… and to be expected.

President Mnangagwa was the Vice-President under the last term of former President Robert Mugabe and held several of roles in his period. Mnangagwa was a henchman and a loyal cadre until he had ambition and fell out of the ZANU-PF fraction of G-40. The Lacoste and Army Commanders was able to use the public dissent and tiredness to the Mugabe government. That’s what they did and used the Coup d’etat in November 2017. After he had to go to exile and was shipped in again. That’s why he was able to secure this and the crowds even gave flowers to the soldiers on the streets of Harare.

The euphoria and the way of taking away relics of Mugabe years. That what happened in the month of November 2017. Since, then the ZANU-PF is more of the same and with the army inter-connected. The President has pushed a use of symbols and hijacked it with scarf. Nevertheless, he believes he can kill it off.

President Mnangagwa forgets that his there on the will of the people. Even if the power and the army is on his side. Still, when the pendulum swings differently. His time might be off. It was just a quick and brief moment that brought Mugabe out of office. That’s why Mnangagwa shouldn’t be that forgetful.

Mnangagwa wouldn’t be able to hijack and steal a revolution next time. The Lacoste and the Army Generals wouldn’t be able to trick them again. They we’re able to use the time and transition to take over everything.

Everyone should remember how “Operation Legacy” was enforced. We have to remember how the same state who promised change sent soldiers to the streets and killed civilians. The way the government has used it’s power to go after the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance) and other dissidents. The state have gone after the non-governmental organizations and civic society. It is not like ZANU-PF and the state has changed it’s patterns.

Mnangagwa was lucky last time. He was able to have the right army commanders and allies in Lacoste to beat the G-40. While the public sentiment was on his side. The same regime was able to steal an election with excelgate and we know he has never been popular.

That’s why his hubris and belief is a delusion. He is safe and secure as long as the Army Commanders is behind him. If they and the other comrades stops supporting him. Than he will be in deep danger. Mnangagwa should remember how quickly Mugabe went from a hero to a Goblin. The crocodile shouldn’t forget that.

It is not like Mnangagwa is steering the Republic better or causing revolutionary changes. The Politburo and PFee will praise him, but the realities on the grounds is deprecating. This is why Mnangagwa will not be able to be the figurehead or act like one. He was able to trick himself and use it.

That will not happen again. The “Operation Legacy” and the senseless violence will forever taint and stain this 2nd Republic. Peace.

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