Opinion: Lungu needs to concede

The 12th August 2021 polls is clear the United Party for National Development (UPND) and their Presidential Candidate Hakainde Hichilema is the winner of this election.

The incumbent and scheduled third term President Edgar Lungu and the ruling party Patriotic Front (PF) has lost this election.

There been several of other Presidential candidates who has over the last 48 hours conceded and said HH has won the election. They have stated him and his party is the victors. This is the inevitable and the result of the polls this time around.

That’s why Lungu needs to give way and give up. He will most likely challenge this in the courts and use whatever leverage he does have. Also working on overtime to collect and get evidence for his theory. However, that doesn’t beat the fact that his not popular or have the will of the people anymore.

Lungu had his chance to deliver and use his time in office to make a difference. The President had the time of his life and being the head of state. He could do a lot more and used his office for the betterment, but he didn’t and that has cost him all of his privileges.

This is why Lungu should be the better man and finally concede. He knows the game is over and the possibility for his “win” is shrinking every moment and nothing can stop HH now. His opponent outsmarted him and used the sentiment of the tiredness of PF to his benefit. This is why his winning and Lungu is losing.

Lungu needs to congratulate HH and let go. That is costing him and the party he represents. However, the polls and the results says he has lost and should let go. Not that it’s easy and especially when this was supposed to be a “cake-walk”. Nevertheless, the people has decided and he needs to show some moral courage. Its about time and he should be the better man, but that’s impossible at this point. Peace.

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