Opinion: The Son of Kaguta lied through his teeth

The NRM has never thrown stones. Those who faced our fire were those defending illegitimate interests like dictators and those denying the people free and fair elections like NUP which is an attempt to resurrect KY or the likes of Amin”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (14.08.2021).

For some reason on the National Address of the 14th August 2021, President of 35 years acts like there never been anyone tortured, extra judicial killed or held without a trial. The President since 1986 acted like no one has been kept in Safe Houses, incommunicado or detained for political reasons.

He act like we don’t know the past of criminal acts and human rights violations. That we haven’t seen the use of military to settle civilian matters. Like we haven’t seen the use of intelligence organizations and other armed agencies to intimidate and silence the opposition. We are just supposed to forget that and that this government uses tear-gas, live-bullets and armed forces to stop demonstrations and protests in general. Therefore, we know today’s speech is nonsense.

Still, here some quotes to remember, as the lies they are:

We even never wanted to kill Idi Amin and Obote. Assassinations are a bankrupt method used by people not sure of their political positions. All the people that have been fighting us (NRM) are defeated- just politically” (Museveni, 14.08.2021).

There should be no killing of any Ugandan for any reason other than in war or battle or when condemned by the court” (Museveni, 14.08.2021).

We defeated Lakwena, Kony and ADF. We can not fail to cope with cowards using boda bodas to kill people” (Museveni, 14.08.2021).

When you kill someone, it means that his argument is so powerful that you cannot respond to it. The NRM is absolutely sure that whatever we do is correct” (Museveni, 14.08.2021).

He sure knows how to paint a portrait and act innocent. However, anyone who knows and his history. Knows that his lying. It is disgraceful and abysmal. Like the “Panda Gari’” of 2020 and 2021 have been forgotten. All the NUP cadres and leaders who lost their lives, been abducted and kept incommunicado. Also, the use of security forces and licenced killers to get rid of the opposition.

With the knowledge of extensive amount of ungazetted “safe-houses” and use of torture in prisons. Also the methods of interrogation used by the Police Force and other security organizations as well. That’s why his lying and its proven, again and again.

The same authorities that is shooting directly at civilians and even killing people at marches in and around funerals of the opposition. There is no boundaries of intimidation or use of harassment against the ones that defies the state. That’s why I know this man is lying. He has lied since he gotten into office and not taken responsibility for the actions of his party or his government.

The President wants to act like he got no blood on his hands and never taken lives. While we know that his own political career is built on skulls of others. We know his drained in blood and the ghosts of the dead is haunting his dreams. They are all encircling him and that’s why their legacies is connected to him. All the ones from the end of 1970s till 2021.

There are so many lives taken, hurt or touched by this government over the years. Civilians, activists, high ranking officials and dissidents in general. This is why the President cannot run away from it and he cannot rewrite history. Since he knows perfectly well what he has done, ordered and ensured over the years.

Museveni is a warlord, a tyrant and a man who is a bloodthirsty goon in office. He masks himself as a statesman, but that is another lie. As his the General, Guerrilla and Rebel who took power never let go. That had to cost the ultimate price for so many… just so he could rule supreme and be His Excellency.

He thinks these lies can fly and people buying it. That isn’t true and everyone should know this. Peace.

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