Ethiopia: Abiy’s message yesterday was loud and clear Part II

Context to the ‘Statement on Current Affairs and a National Call Issued by PMO on 10 August 2021 – THREAD

As terrorist TPLF’s aggressions continue unabated, Federal Government and the people of Ethiopia are being forced to employ all means to defend their communities. The statement pertains to saving a nation from the overt declaration by TPLF to disintegrate the country. The ENDF, Special Forces and Regional Militias have been instructed to halt the destruction by TPLF. The call is to eligible Ethiopians to join ENDF, while others are being called upon to organize at every level and protect their communities from neighborhoods to cities. This call is also to members of the large Diaspora community that Ethiopia has globally, to do their part in continuing the expose the terrorist organization for what it is and to mobilize all forms of support in maintaining the sovereignty and continuity of Ethiopia. Despite the continued international media mischaracterization of the statement alluding that this call is against the Tigray region, such divisive narrative formations point more to irresponsibility of other actors than it does of the intention and spirit of the call” (Office of the Prime Minister, 13.08.2021).

These are the days when the Prime Minister and his war-cry is following backlash. It is just like the man cannot take accountability for his actions and orders. The PM and Prosperity Party should be held accountable and be transparent about it too. It is not like the international media and outlets took it out of context. The warfare has been steady since November 2020. While the PM and PP had a long time quarrel with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The dismissal and blockade of the Tigray region happened long before the November 2020. The central government had already retaliated and tried to use commandos to annihilate TPLF leadership. However, that was stopped in the nick-of-time. That was happening because the TPLF didn’t become one “wing” or “regional state party” like other previous parties who became the PP. That hurt the pride of Abiy and he sought out military means instead of using dialogue or mediation between the parties. Just like he does now and has done over the last year.

The call from the Prime Minister on the 10th August 2021 was clear. It was no ifs or buts about the issue. The PM statement to the general public wasn’t a peaceful text, but a cry for help. A message to ask everyone to follow the call and take to arms. Let everyone who has a pulse of eligible age to conscript either for the army, regional special forces or militias even. That is with intention, as the state needs all troops and guns it can to be able to win at this point.

The Tigray Defence Force (TDF) together with allies is advancing. The state is losing grounds not only in Tigray, but in Amhara, Afar and in Oromia as well. It is not like the TDF is the only enemy of the state. There are other Liberation Movements who goes against the PP and the PM. That’s why the PM and PP has failed the state and it’s citizens. This battle for supreme power and total control has backfired.

The PM knows that his house is burning and he got no current team to beat the flames. This because he risked everything and thought his Generals would save his cause. That’s why the PM and his allies ordered the war, as they anticipated a brief and quick war against the TPLF/TDF. They had the brigades and the war-machine circulating around the region before the attack on the Northern Command. The PM and Eritrean President in coordination with the Amhara Regional State leadership was all prepared and could easily send in troops into the region. This is why the PM was so proud and mighty in the end of November 2020. Which was the supposed end of “Law Enforcement Operation”… and he still had to call for arms in August 2021. That says it all about the cause, the effect and the current will to go to war from Addis Ababa. Peace.

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