Opinion: Lungu is a very worried man right now

The Patriotic Front (PF) and two term incumbent President Edgar Lungu was going to the polls today. As the sentiment and the lack of popularity in the general public has been rising. The President has to use the armed forces, come with warning ahead of polls and it is now reported that he ordered a media blackout.

What is happening in Zambia isn’t a new tactic from leaders like him. He had already used the courts and gotten the ability to become a three term eligible President. While the Constitution doesn’t say so and he wasn’t in a full-term before the second and this is why he was “eligible” for it now.

This just shows what sort of management and governance Lungu supports. Lungu who has run the economy down and becoming addicted to loans. A state who has failing state enterprises and certainly not delivered on any promises of the past, which could matter to the general public.

That is why Lungu have vilified the biggest opposition party the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Hakainde Hichilema. The party an HH has been painted in a manner, which is of epic proportions. HH has even been said to be similar to “Hitler”. That is the sort of political discourse the PF has delivered during the campaigns.

We know it’s bad for the PF and Lungu… when as the polls are counted. He calls for rigging and orders a media blackout. The same man who ordered the soldiers on the streets and done whatever he could to ensure victory. We know he has made numbers lower in known opposition strongholds. The same authority has already been reported to give little to none ballots and equipment to certain polling stations. Which is just fitting, because the PF and the state knows.

The PF and the ones anointed has done what they could ahead of this. The state and the President has used all known means to ensure a victory. Not because… Lungu is popular or loved at this point. No, his not loved or cared, because if he was…. He wouldn’t cry havoc on election night, but grinning to the bank.

Lungu will be swimming in dollars and spending a night drink champagne. Alas, he is instead ordering army out to several of provinces. To ensure there can be questions of legality and easily can contest the results. The sort of results that will not be in favour of the President and he can call it “rigged”. The ironies is that the system and the authorities has used all techniques to secure the “win”.

Lungu mus worried in his home. He is sitting biting his teeth and knowing that his time is up. That a man who has the power of the Republic and as the Head of State. Still, the will of the people isn’t naturally his.

The polls that has been released through VPN, the partial polling stations results has been for now in favour of HH and with a majority of the votes. Let’s see if this becomes the game or the ECZ and the authorities will cook the numbers. That’s what I anticipate, since this man is using all the other tricks in the book of election rigging.

Lungu is a worrisome and with a reason. His whole life and career depends on it and he is behold to the public. He could touch everything within reach and appoint the ones who would follow his orders. However, the incumbent cannot impose himself or be loved on commando. Even if that is something he hoped for tonight. Peace.

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