Ethiopia: Agew Liberation Front (ALF) – Response to the American USAID Chief, Samantha J. Power (04.08.2021)

We at the Agew Liberation Front (ALF) read the statement reportedly issued by Samantha J. Power on August 3, 2021. The content of the statement demands that Tigray Defense Force (TDF) withdraw from Amhara Region, whereas the Amhara forces leave the western Tigray. Samantha J. Power’s request is right regarding the western Tigray, but it is wrong regarding the former. We believe that Samantha J. Power had no adequate information about the players of the battlefield in Amhara Region, northern Wollo. The fighting forces in northern Wollo are concerned, there are two sisterly entities working together, the TDF and ALF forces.
The TDF has been in northern Wollo upon the invitation of its ally in arms, the ALF, to support the liberation of the Agaw or Agew people under agony since 1270 AD, following the collapse of Zagwe Empire. The objective of the ALF is to set up autonomous states for the Agew people, like other Ethiopian nations. The presence of the TDF in northern Wollo is the matter only for the two sinisterly organizations. Generally, we appreciate the USA’s position in the current crisis in Ethiopia, particularly Tigray. However, we kindly remind the American officials to have full insight with respect to Amhara Region and its social stratifications, including who is in the battlefield and to achieve what, and react accordingly.

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