Opinion: The Grealish transfer is insane

Jack Grealish, the English national, the 25 year old midfielder (soon 26 years old), the erratic and spontaneous player who can create something out of nothing. The player who has been in Aston Villa since 2013 and only other club was Notts County. He has excelled and been vital in Villa during the previous seasons.

Grealish overall stats isn’t that inspiring and grand. In a total of 295 matches he has scored 43 goals and 59 assists. That is in all competitions as registered. He has been loyal and been a team-player at Villa. Clearly all the years and been there since the years in Championship.

He is a proven player for the Premier League, though he is a man of a lot of hype. The stats themselves tells it. Grealish haven’t scored 20 goals a year or been a match-winner on the regular. He has been an uncertainty and could create something out of nothing. However, that was not done in every single match. Grealish have the ability and the sight to do it, but not all the time. If it was so… then the stats would have said so.

It is clear that his hyped up. Grealish have a few more seasons to play. That’s why his of value for Manchester City. They will have in the midfield with Sterling and De Bruyne. That can be a trio and a force to be reckoned with. These are players who has all proven themselves. They have years in the Premier League and in the Champions League as well.

Grealish doesn’t have that, but he has some seasons in the Premier League and 12 matches for the English National Team. So, he has played matches that matters …

He is following what Fabian Delph did in the past. Where he not long ago promised loyalty to Villa and later went to City. Grealish has built his career in Villa and that’s why he has a hype around him. Where he has performed and become established.

Now Grealish will have to show his value. He has to prove that his worth the £100m pound transfer fee plus add-ons. While also surely getting a salary bump for trading clubs. Now he also has compete with not only Sterling and De Bruyne, but also the likes of Mahrez and Gundogan as well. He will be another midfielder and isn’t an automatic selected player like he was in Villa.

Grealish has to really improve and show his skills. He cannot be another cashing-in the check and call it a day on the bench. Not at the price he came with. The fans and everyone else would expect something magnificent. He needs to become a Beckham or something of that stature. Grealish has to perform at the levels of Sterling, week-in and week-out.

Now Jack has to live up to his hype. He has to aspire to become a match winner and not just another squad player. Especially with the transfer fee and the salary itself. Grealish needs to show that he deserves this and belong at this rate. Delph was sold at a low rate of £8m and he didn’t have that pressure.

Grealish has to outperform all expectations and bet the player so many has talked about. He needs to shine and be bloody brilliant. The price on his services says it all.

Villa fans shouldn’t feel betrayed. He stayed loyal and signed a 5 year contract last year. That’s why his such costly player now. He was deemed to be around £60m of value but City is paying about double of that. This means the offer they gave was to good to be refused. I don’t blame Villa for that. To get such a price is for Grealish and it’s good business.

Villa has already replacements and seems to be prepared for the trade. Now, it is just time for Grealish to prove himself and be the genius he is promoted to be. When he wears that jersey and goes on the pitch this season. He better shine like the sun and be bloody brilliant.

Jack has the pressure piled upon him now and its his time to become a Ballon d’Or player. Since they have paid so much for him… and only time will tell if he was worth it. Peace.

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