Tanzania: 6 Bawacha (CHADEMA Woman Wing) leaders arrested

The crackdown on the opposition party Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) continues in the United Republic of Tanzania. This is happening as several of central leadership is charged on terrorism charges and other criminal activity.

While the Bawacha was holding a meeting in Kagera region. As the meeting was held in their offices in Bukoba. The authorities stopped the meeting and brutally arrested their leaders.

The ones arrested are:

1. Dorice Herman

2. Spensioza Kamala

3. Harodia Projestus

4. Odetha Gasper

5. Paulina Bilenge

6. Madina Ibrahimu

This isn’t shocking in the day and age of what’s happening in Tanzania. The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) is using the authorities and silencing their dissidents with an iron-fist. There is no middle ground and an opposition party cannot even hold meetings within their own organization or inside their offices without being stopped and detained. That says it all about the current state of affairs in the Republic.

The CCM should do itself a favour and have a referendum on a “one-party” state. Since that what’s only left to do and officiate it. As the laws and the authorities rights to do this is insane. The rights of assembly and organizing opposition is getting close to zero. Therefore, do yourself a favour and become “one leader” and “one party” state. As that is what the CCM is practically aiming for at this point.

Because, this is injustice and impunity. They are criminalizing political work and it’s very clear from the outside looking in. Peace.

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