Ethiopia: Two Humanitarian Organizations suspended from working in Tigray

Today it’s revealed that the Prosperity Party and Addis Ababa regime have suspended two humanitarian organizations from working in Ethiopia. These are Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

This is clear strike against the humanitarian operations done and made within Tigray. The MSF have also been suspended from operating in Somali Region, Gambella, Amhara, as well as the Tigray Region.

The PP and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is clearly repeating history. As he wants to shield the world from the atrocities and doesn’t want humanitarian organizations reporting on it. Since, these organizations report what they see and get donations to do work or deliver aid. This is why these is targeted. Since they speak out about the horror, the devastations and man made-famine in Tigray for instance.

The current regime wants things hidden and not for the world to know. If the regime and the warlord wanted it to the public. He wouldn’t have gagged media houses, blocked the region and made it nearly impossible to bring humanitarian assistance.

There is already usage of social media and handlers of the state to vilify the United Nations Organizations and other humanitarian groups, as they are targeted as they are brining the needed humanitarian assistance and convoys to the Tigray region.

We should be worried that other groups would soon end up in the same predicament. As the state is cracking down on them. Just like the state has been blocking, stopping and searching every convoy going to the Tigray region. While claiming there is no needs and the state is meeting it. The state isn’t weaponizing starvation and hunger. No, they are coming with food and shelter, while they are besieged for months upon end. This is a clear indication of what the state is willing to do. They don’t care and what the state is doing is vicious.

The suspension of MSF and NRC is because they are willing to tell the truth. While they are trying to work and being humanitarian organizations in the middle of a man-made famine. The government who blocks water, electricity and the roads to Tigray region over the months of warfare in the region. Therefore, this is just following the systematic disregard of the general public and the citizens who are struggling in the Tigray and elsewhere.

The PP and PM doesn’t care and doesn’t value these people. If it did. They would have been there yesterday to help and secured the needs being met for all the citizens. However, that isn’t the case and its been procedure and protocol to do otherwise. The world shouldn’t be silent. This is targeting the weakest, the ones who has nothing and the ones whose seeking shelter in a war-zone.

Today it is MSF and NRC. Tomorrow it might be someone else who is suspended. This isn’t only hitting Tigray, but other regions … as well and everyone should get help if there is a need and the state cannot cover it. If the state could shelter, feed and take care of its own. However, the Ethiopian government have needed humanitarian organizations to cover for its shortcomings.

This is why today is tragic, because this hits the most needed and the ones who are in the hands of these organizations. Instead of proving a point, the administration is only showing its vicious retaliation, which will hit a innocent third party… their own civilians who is struggling across the Republic. Peace.

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