Ethiopia: Abiy using Bayraktar TB2 UAV to surveillance and directly attack the TDF advances

Underscoring that Turkey attached great importance to Ethiopia’s serenity and stability, President Erdoğan stated that Turkey would continue to provide every kind of support to Ethiopia” (Turkish Presidency, 01.08.2021).

It is now official as the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali have procured and started to use Bayraktar TB2 UAV (Drone) in the prolonged conflict in Ethiopia. This is what the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) is doing, as it want to control and monitor all movement.

Army Technology describes the drone as: “Designed for short range reconnaissance and surveillance missions, Bayraktar is currently operational with the Turkish Land Forces” (…) “The standard payload configuration includes an electro-optical (EO) camera module, an infrared (IR) camera module, a laser designator, a laser range finder (LRF) and a laser pointer” (Army Technology – ‘Bayraktar TB2 Tactical UAV’).

The same site says the “drone” have 150km range and endurance of 20 hours. This has been used by Ukrainian army and the Turkish army. Now, it is also used by the ENDF to combat the advances of the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF). That is the clear message here.

On its own promotional pages it says: The Armed UAV Bayraktar TB2 is a multi-purpose platform as it can perform Target Acquisition using the onboard laser designator. It is also capable of eliminating the target using its payload consisting of four smart munitions. Bayraktar TB2 is a system that offers all cutting-edge solutions required to carry out surgical-precision strikes preventing the widespread damage to close areas” (

Especially, considering that the PM visited the Bayraktar TB2 ground control station and looked into the operative use of it with other military officers. That just happens after yesterdays phone call between the PM and the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. It seems to fit so perfect.

That the Turkish President calls to find out if the PM and his army is happy with the arms delivery. They were supposed to speak of other matters, but certainly a warlord like Abiy is focused on the usage and the spending on the war-effort. As he seeks to find new ways to get advantages over the TDF.

We see that the Turkish gives the tools for surveillance and monitor the opponents. This is a tool that the ENDF will use and it will be beneficial for them. So, that they can stop the advances of the TDF. Because, that is real… and the Tripartite Alliance is losing. This purchase is only trying new technologies to get ahead. However, that doesn’t stop the lack of training and militias that is sent to the front-line. These drones are only making a clear picture and possible track the TDF. Nevertheless, this isn’t equipping more trained soldiers on the battlefield, which is where the TDF is showing progress.

That is why Abiy trying to find another way of victory. He is paranoid and he needs something else to work. Even use drones that is possibly armed and can directly target specific targets. That says it all. As he can surveillance an area and also possibly drop munitions on targets.

There is nothing Abiy isn’t willing to do. There was talk of UAE drones earlier in the “Operation Law Enforcement” but now its officially Turkish produced ones who is bought in to help the cause. Peace.

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