Ethiopia: Tigray – The Humera massacre proven by the floating bodies into Tekeze River inside Sudan

Yes, the Sudanese army discovered the bodies, and will provide statement of that, also the army put more troops in that area coz the issues looks not well at all in Ethiopian side” (Sudan Motion, 02.08.2021).

What we are hearing from Humera & the dead bodies we are seeing across the Tekeze river in Sudan is beyond anyone imagination. Humera is full of dead bodies at every corner, specially Walka neighborhood (ዋልካ ሰፈር) Humera is a killing field for Tigrayans now” (Hailu Kebede, 02.08.2021).

Tghat reports: “Western Tigray is a scene of crime: ethnic cleansing, forced removal, massacres, executions and throwing people to the Tekeze river. The land is being changed through burning, confiscation and severing infrastructure connections to the rest of Tigray. In many towns, no Tigrayan is left. “There are no Tigrayans here,” said an Amhara contact in Dansha when asked if there are Tigrayans left in there” ( – ‘We see daily one or two dead bodies with their hands tied behind their backs floating on the river Tekeze’ 02.08.2021).

Again, there is a need for information out of Sudan to verify and prove what is happening in parts of the Tigray region. This isn’t new, as the Ethiopian authorities and allies have tried to black-out all information from the war-torn region. That has been common occurrence since the war started in November 2020.

Therefore, that the authorities and state calls this fake. While the bodies are coming steadily down the river. Says a lot of the activity from the Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” which is operating and have annexed these part of Western Tigray. Where the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) haven’t reached yet and the Tripartite Alliance is continuing their devious practices inside the region.

The actions in Humera is following the countless massacres, villages and civilian murders, which the Tripartite Alliance have done. That’s done without knowledge of what extent or how horrific these massacres was. “Fano” and the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) have been reported for participating and doing war-crimes, which would fit with what is now reported in concern to Humera.

However, this is also scaling the massacre up. As they are more sinister and this is genocidal. We can only know for now the amount of bodies that is floating into Sudan, which is tragic enough and that might only be the tip of the iceberg. Because, the Sudanese reports have no reasons to lie about this or reveal it. They are just seeing the evidence of the war-crimes and the actions done within the region.

The Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa leadership wants this to go away. That’s why they are trying to debunk it and say it’s old pictures. Nevertheless, the same authorities have lied about nearly every aspect about this conflict. That’s why I have a hard time believing the Addis sponsored media and government sources. Since, they have no issues about lying about everything else. This is why I know the Sudanese witnesses will not lie about this.

We should be extra worried, as the state is doing what it can to bury this one. The same authorities that tried to downplay Mai-Kadra massacre and others, which has cost civilian lives in this conflict. That’s why we need to shed a light on this and not let this go. As the ones in-charge is willing to let civilians die and never give them any justice. Peace.

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