Opinion: The EBC promoting “Fano” now

“′Fano is sacrificing for Ethiopia and freedom” (EBC, 01.08.2021).

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) dropped a Facebook post where they deliberately promotes and legitimize the Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano”. The media house is by this action doing the bidding of the Tripartite Alliance and the handlers of the Prosperity Party.

At this point it isn’t shocking, but shows what the warfare and continued conflict does. The EBC wasn’t promoting the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) or any other direct government entity. No, it is was supporting a local militia and it’s war effort.

Parts of the piece said for instance this: “The members have said ′′we will protect the country’s peace by repeating the history of patriotism and Fano” (EBC, 01.08.2021).

When the EBC is producing and creating content like this you where the war-effort going. The warfare is so down and out. They have to promote and be a voice for a regional militia, which has been participating in the Tigray region since November 2020. A militia who has a reputation for participating in massacres, rapes and war-crimes as well. In combination of being a tool to annex land in Western Tigray to the Amhara Regional State. Therefore, the EBC is now a voicing them to the whole world to see.

The PP and Prime Minister Abiy must be proud of this. The Bahir Dar administration and regional government must be giddy. They have one of the biggest news outlets promoting their militia who fights for their cause. This is disgusting and should be a sign of what the state is willing to do.

This article or Facebook post wasn’t published on Borkena, but EBC. This could have easily been a post on the Amhara Communications. No, it was a big media house of the EBC who did this. That should say it all. Peace.

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