Tanzania: The Charges on the CHADEMA leaders are scheduled programming of the tyranny

The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and the Government of United Republic of Tanzania are clearly targeting the opposition and the dissidents of the state. The authorities have now charged the leaders of Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA). These leaders who was charged yesterday are Hassan Bwire, Adam Hassan Kasekwa, Mohamed Abdillahi Lingwenya and Freeman Aikel Mbowe.

They are charged with the conspiracy to blow-up an fuel stations and intended to intimidate the section of the population of the Republic. The gatherings and the supposed terrorism charge is to intimidate and blow-up fuel stations in Moshi, Dar Es Salaam, Morogoro and in Arusha region.

That shows the intention of the state. By charging this political party leaders with these charges it gives them a reason to hold them indefinitely. There is no reason to release them on bond or on bail. As the state can keep them as a “danger” to society. Just like the Tanzanian authorities has charged civil activists, journalists and others with money-laundering charges, which could keep the charges individuals indefinitely too.

That’s what is happening to the leaders of Chadema. The state can defer and keep them behind bars. They are not needing to produce them in court and such too. These are directly charged with acts of terrorism and thus indirectly being defined as “terrorists”. These are charges produced by the State Attorney and done deliberately.

It is tragic and terrible that the state does this. They are trying to make these people as example and use force to arrest them. This is making them political prisoners and they are there because of their association. Because, we know the CCM is allowed to reform and revise the Constitution. The CCM can easily change and review laws. While the CHADEMA leaders cannot hold meetings or symposiums doing the same.

That’s why we know the deal here. They are not terrorists, but this is signalling how the Republic is a one-party state of the CCM. As everyone else is supposed to follow the line and not do things, which isn’t accepted by the CCM. That’s why these CHADEMA leaders are behind bars and nothing else.

That is a tyranny and President Samia Suluhu is the newly minted tyrant of the Republic. Peace.

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