Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy – “Is the youth worth sacrificing”?

The bloodshed, the massacres and the news of horrific tales doesn’t stop. This has been an issue since the Prime Minister got into office in 2018. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali have done this in Ogaden, Oromia, Bennishangul-Gumuz and Addis Ababa to say a few.

The regime and the time of Abiy have been bloody. That was the case even before the “Law Enforcement Operation” in Tigray from November 2020. There already been use of enforcement and extra judicial killings to consolidate power. The PM even ordered commandos before the November 2020 to kill TPLF leadership. Therefore, the PM has used violence to ensure power.

The PM have used the warfare and the conflict to kill, rape and destroy a whole region. The PM with his allies has done this and he was all fine with it. The Tigrayan people was targeted and is still targeted too. They are seizing businesses, closing shops and abducting thousands of civilians for their ethnicity. Therefore, this PM have no heart whatsoever.

Still with that in mind, as we are soon in August 2021. The PM is soon clocking a year or 12 months of conflict with the Tigray Defence Force (TDF). As this is occurring the state is conscripting, rounding up and securing thousands of youths from across the republic to the frontline.

The government which has the Abiy as the Head of State has issued and ordered to have a certain amount of youth into its army. They are not battle-ready or trained for the conflict. These youths are shields and cannon-fodder to a TDF who has been on the battlefield for months. They are seasoned warriors and has strategically competed with several of armies at this point.

The youth that Prime Minister Abiy is sending to the battlefield is damaged goods before getting there. With that I am meaning, they are not ready nor do they know what they are meeting. The youths who are sent to the frontline are the future of the republic. These youths could be the leaders and be the ones who could elevate Ethiopia.

However, the sons and daughters of the republic are instead sent to sacrifice themselves for one man. These, the youths of the republic is sent to the front to save the project of Abiy. They are there to save his scheme of consolidating power. That is all what they are doing. These are just useful youths to die for the cause of Abiy. They are not on the frontline to save the nation from a bogeyman or haunting evil. No, they are on the battlefield to save one-party state and finalize the ability to crown Abiy the 7th King of the Empire. That is only possible, if the TPLF and the Tigray bend their knees.

Nevertheless, that is not happening. Abiy wants this and he is willing to sacrifice the youths for this. Just like he was willing to starve, rape and loot the Tigray region. Abiy is now willing to lose an generation of youths just so he can wear that crown. That crown his willing to take by the blood of others. Everyone else is paying the price so he can wear that. This is all he envisions and he doesn’t care how many lives that costs.

If he did… he wouldn’t have gone this far and been responsible for the bloodshed which has been going on for months. Peace.

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