Ethiopia: The Ministry of Peace (MoP) recruits for War!

I’ll go to the front line whenever, wherever and with whatever I have” (Ministry of Peace, 26.07.2021).

We know the war effort of the state is dire when the Ministry of Peace is calling for recruitment to war. The Ministry of Peace is asking for people to join the army and the war effort. That is very ironic as the Ministry is open to world about their mission and their mandate. Which is in stark contrast to the message sent out today.

Here is what they are supposed to do:

The Ministry of Peace was established under proclamation number 1097/2011 on October 16, 2018. The office of the Ministry of Peace was created to sustain the reforms that Ethiopia is currently undergoing through peace-building measures, establishing, and strengthening the rule of law, and building the capacity of peace and security focused sectors” (Ministry of Peace – ‘About’ on Facebook).

You cannot make this up… and it should send shock-waves that a Ministry of Peace is publicly asking for recruits to the army. The MoP is wanting people to sign up for war and go to the frontline. That is the initial message.

That is more the Ministry of War than of Peace. The Prosperity Party and all of its allies in embroiled in the war. Every aspect of society getting fitted into it. The various parts of government is asking for youths, their quotas and participating in the war effort.

That shows what the government is willing to do. They are sending untrained youth from several of regions to participate and being sent to the frontline meeting the Tigray Defence Force (TDF). This is clear signs of the destruction of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF). Just as the Regional Special Forces being sent earlier this month to the frontline already.

Now, the government and even Ministry of Peace calls for more recruits. That says everything you need to know. This tragic and Orwellian. It is really telling and the “Law Enforcement Operation” of the state has clearly backfired. Peace.

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