Ethiopia: The Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa wants the youth of the city to join the army

Today, the Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa Adanech Abebe have now official launched and stated that she wants the youth of the capital to join in on the war effort against the Tigray Defence Force (TDF). The Prosperity Party Deputy Mayor is clearly following the party programme, as the state is doing this across the Republic now.

The Ethiopian state has done this deliberately in other regions. They have rounded up and had quotas of youth, conscripted and lack of trained youth to the frontline of the warfare. The state of the army must be lacking. When the state is willing to send their untrained youth into the battlefield. They are meeting a successful army at this point and who has combatted well-trained soldiers. While now the state is sending barely trained young civilians to combat in their war against Tigray.

Here is what she said:

Dear Ethiopian youth of Addis Ababa to join the brave military and those who haven’t registered yet, hurry up with your brothers and sisters ′′.

The Prosperity Party and it’s allies has no scruples sending the youth, the future of their nation to fight a war of consolidating the power for one man. This being the war of power for the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and his cronies. They are willing to risk the lives of the youths on a battlefield with little to no training.

As the state needs recruits and redeployment for the advancing army of the TDF. Who is succeeding and hurting the state. It has diminished the ENDF and now not only the allies of Amhara and within Ogaden region have spoken up about this, but now the Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa does it as well.

This shows where the state is going and how everything is involved in the war-effort. Just like the Amhara regional state has a own war-chest and fund to donate too. That is what this state does and it’s all up in the open.

This war-cry and call to arms from the Deputy Mayor was dropped on the Facebook page of the ruling regime’s party page. That is how willing they are… and the youth is clearly their last chance of clinging on to power. The Prosperity Party and its allies are willing to sacrifice the youth just so the consolidation of power could succeed. To boost the moral of one man and his cause. That’s what they are doing and it shouldn’t be a thing, but in 2021 Ethiopia that’s the case.

This is tragic, but it follows a pattern at this point. Peace.

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