Eswatini: An MP faces terrorism charges for being critical of the King

MANZINI: Hosea Member of Parliament(MP) Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza who is critical of King Mswati’s Government has been arrested and charged with terrorism among other charges. Mabuza was arrested by the police at his home at Ngwane Park in Manzini around 1500hours on Sunday, he is also accused of violating COVID-19 regulations. Reached for comments, the Hosea MP confirmed the arrest saying police were surrounding his home at the time of compiling this report. “It’s true, they are here arresting me as we speak, they told me I’m facing terrorism charges”, said the Hosea MP” (Swaziland News, 25.07.2021).

The stalemate between the king and his citizens doesn’t stop. As funerals are becoming political rallies and the state is cracking down on its dissidents. One Member of Parliament Mabuza is now charged, arrested and facing long jail time.

The Kingdom is using its authority to settle the score and the MP is one of voices it needs to silence. This is not shocking, as the state has gone after activists, leaders and arrest of political leadership in the Kingdom. The recent act is just furthering the agenda of the King. Who wants to quell and silence the idea of a multi-party democracy.

The King rather wants to go after the ones who fights for these ideas. Because, he wants to shield his absolute power. They are making the MP a public face of this. Just like they have done with other parties and their leaders as well.

The King should see what sort of light he puts himself in. Instead of being loved and cherished as a king, he is seen and acting as a bloodthirsty tyrant. His greed and his stubborn behaviour will only make this more painful.

The will of the people will sooner or later hit strides. It is not like he owns the people, even if he believes so in his mind. Just because the current laws gives him this opportunity and power. Doesn’t mean it is righteous either. It just shows his lack of morals and judgement. As he rather use force and destroy, instead of building and creating a better future. Where he could be remembered to open up the political landscape and get representatives leaders. Not just people he vouches for or appoints, which is the current day system.

The reason why this MP is critical of the King and others are as well. To arrest and charge him on terrorism is actually projection on their part. As the king has terrorised and done atrocities in his kingdom of late. The king have ordered people’s death and he has raided people’s homes. He has assaulted hospitals and that’s what terror does. Not standing up to one man and wanting to have elections, representatives of the people and let them chose their leaders.

That is why these recent arrest and charges is a proof of his tyranny and remember to salute the Tyrant Mswati III. Peace.

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