Ethiopia: Amhara region will arm the youth from tomorrow [as a part of the war effort against the TDF]

Earlier this month the Amhara Regional State have started military training of civil servants in the region. This was one more step further in escalation of the warfare from the region. The Amhara state who has been embroiled and been a vital ally of the warfare in the Tigray region. The Amhara Regional State was part of the preparation and troops movement ahead of November 2020. Therefore, today’s news isn’t shocking.

The Amhara have used their Special Forces, Para-Military Group “Fano” and been one of the Tripartite Alliance in the continues warfare in the Tigray region fighting the Tigray Defence Force (TDF).

Today, there was a new announcement of the Amhara Regional President Agegnehu Teshager. That the state will arm all youth from tomorrow. This means the state will use all manpower and everyone eligible to carry weapons. That is happening as the TDF is advancing in every battlefront.

This proves there is no bound and no place the Amhara Regional State will not go to win the war. They have already participated and used their power to annex land in the Tigray Region. It has been part of a genocidal war and harmed thousands or millions of civilians, as they have ensured the besieged region haven’t had the ability to combat hunger and total blockade of utilities.

This shows the dire needs for reinforcement, as a state is willing to sacrifice its youth to combat an army. The state and its allies is claiming the TDF is filled with youths. While the Amhara state and other regions are filling quotas of reinforcement with untrained youth directly to the front-lines of war.

Therefore, today’s announcement isn’t shocking, but shows the sentiment of the allies of the state and what they are willing to do. They are willing to send their sons and daughters to die on a battlefield. While they are enjoying the spoils of it. The Amhara Regional State was looking good for a few months when the warfare was successful. However, within the last month, that has backfired.

This is their part and effort for the Anti-TPLF campaign and calls the youth to join the militia. This means they are deployed to the “Fano” and not Special Regional Force. That is what the state president is willing to do.

This here is showing the will and intent. That all youth will be armed in the region. This is full civil-war and it will have devastating results. As the state itself is arming untrained youth to guard the region from well-trained soldiers. How foolish isn’t that? Is that worth your pride and honour? To send your own citizens, youths to an early grave. Because, you waged war and is continuously losing it?

Well, this is just tragic and this shows how dire things are. Peace.

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