Tanzania: Freeman Mbowe is not a terrorist…

The saga involving the Chadema national chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe, took a new turn yesterday when the police said it was holding the opposition leader for questioning over allegations of terrorism and a plot to kill government leaders. The police said in its statement yesterday that Mr Mbowe was being held in connection with the allegations that were also made against six other people who have already been arraigned in court in court” (Evarist – ‘Chairman Freeman Mbowe Held On Terrorism, Assassination Consipracies’ 23.07.2021, Kimataifa.com).

The authorities and the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) leadership is clearly out of bound and not checked in with reality. As they have through the politicised courts charged CHADEMA Chairman Freeman Mbowe for terrorism. That happened after his arrest on the 21st July 2021.

He was charged with terrorism. His lawyers haven’t been able to see and neither has anyone in his family. They wanted to see him at the Police Station and deliver food to him. However, that has been reported as impossible by the Serengeti Post yesterday.

Today, there is reports that his abducted to an unknown location and nobody knows where he is. The Police and the Authorities has dispatched to an unknown cell or dungeon. Just like they have done to government critics, journalists and civic activists in the past.

Mbowe only wanted a revision and question the current day Constitution. That is not a danger to society and neither the supposed mission to change the laws. The laws that is now used against him. The same laws the CCM has countless of times changed to help their stranglehold on the state and utter total control of opposition. Which is why these actions are legal to do, but that doesn’t justify it…

This is a clear indication of the a tyranny under CCM. That they can use these sort of allegations without any evidence. Just like the money-laundering charges on dissidents and journalists in the past. They are using same means now at Mbowe. It is tragic… but the CCM isn’t stopping itself.

This is a game of intimidation and silencing the opposition. Taking a leader of the opposition and making an example of him. There is nothing else to it. The CCM cannot handle the opposition and its easier to make them criminal, than actually having someone questioning their reign. Peace.

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