Ethiopia: Terrorism charges on the TPLF leadership [a kick of a dying horse]

Yesterday, the authorities and the Attorney General of Ethiopia finally charged the leadership and Executive Committee of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Earlier this year in May 2021 the House of Federation designated the whole political party as a terrorist organization. Therefore, the charges on the TPLF leadership isn’t shocking.

As reported yesterday:

Addis Ababa July 23/2021 (ENA) The Federal Attorney General announced that it has filed charges against the leader of the Junta, Debretsion Gebremichael, and 61 others. The defendants were members of the Central Committee of TPLF and members of the regional government cabinet who were heavily involved in decision-making, according to the Attorney General” (…) “The charges are based on two criminal charges. The first is the overthrowing of a constitutionally established and legitimate regional government through violence and illegal ways. The second is related to crime to oust the federal government by organizing a special force called Military Commando and attacking the National Defense Force” (Ethiopian News Agency – ‘AG Files Criminal Charges against 62 People, Including Leader of Junta’ 23.07.2021).

We know there is reports of Tigrayan getting arrested for their ethnicity and charged for being “supporters of TPLF”. That is done without any due process or even put in trial in court. The state is going after Tigrayan in Addis Ababa and elsewhere. There been reports of restaurants, shops and such have been closed by the authorities. The Tigrayan citizens been rounded up, kidnapped and taken away without prior notice. Taken to unknown locations and arrested without any crime committed. Therefore, the charges on the TPLF leadership is at least on paper serious. Even if it is done in spite and done because the warfare is epically failing for the Federal Government.

The TPLF and Tigrayan is targeted a a retaliation. The state is targeting them. There is reports of extra judicial killings and punitive injustice towards them. Therefore, the Attorney General is at least doing this by the books. Though the timing and when they are doing it is peculiar. As the state is losing the Operation Law Enforcement and that time they are charging their enemies.

While the state is “weeding” out the Tigrayans elsewhere. That’s the tragedy here and we cannot have any idea at what extent and how bad it is. We are only hearing a little and nothing systematic into it. Reporters are arrested and journalists silenced as well. The ones who dares to report in disfavour of the state is getting into trouble.

This is the final kick of a dying horse. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) is weakened and the same is the allies too. This is a clear attack on the TPLF as the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is conquering the Republic, little by little. That is why this is happening now. Peace.

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