A look into the Prime Minister Abiy’s Tigrinya Statement

The government’s decision to stop humanity is to make a complaint; to plow and sow our people without passing crusades; and to demonstrate in practice the high esteem of the Tigray People by making urgent humanitarian assistance, but because this power of destruction is not in the interests of the people, but because it is not interested in the people, it is a farmer’s food crop of the year; it is at a crucial time of farming” (Abiy, 24.07.2021)

Today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali suddenly dropped a statement in Tigrinya, the language of Tigray, the region he has been to war with since early November 2020. The warfare is going south for him these day. The Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) is in tatters. The state has needed to send Regional Special Forces and it doesn’t seem to work. There is also reports of the Presidential Republican Guards sent to Afar region and losing as well this week. So, the current advances and strength of the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is to much for the Federal Government to overcome.

The genocidal warfare of the Tripartite Alliance is finally causing more harm than good. The state have deliberately caused this results and now the price is paid outside of the Tigray region borders. As the TDF have launched strategic advances both in Afar region and in Amhara. Where they are advancing and able to further destroy the National Army. The national army is quickly briefed soldiers, short-time trained and barely capable. As regional states are scrapping quotas of “willing” and sending them to the front. This has been reported in Somali Region (Ogaden) and in Benishangul-Gumuz region. So, it is really not doing well and in that spirit.

“If you are circumcised, don’t expect circumcision,” the Tigray people leaves the call for this evil tax; my call to farm in the workplace. Not to be hungry; to ensure that adequate crop assistance is urgently introduced and delivered to the people; and to go and participate in other organs in addition to the government; to distribute procedures for transparency and accountability; and to work relentlessly” (Abiy, 24.07.2021).

The Prime Minister comes with a Tigrinya statement. Where they are in a total blackout. As the state is arresting journalists, blocked phone-lines and electricity. That’s who he is targeting, as the TDF is destroying his armies and prospects of wining this war.

His statement was focused on the farming season and the unilateral ceasefire, which was only a smokescreen to retool and redeploy other forces. That’s why his statement is insincere. The state had besieged the region and thought it could starve it out after months of warfare. That they could break it and leave it behind in a man-made famine.

But if this anti-people returns and enters, working for a hungry people to reach him and thrive instead of humanitarian assistance; this timeless affair leaves Gondor and is scared of further destruction and destruction. Months of public assistance in the storehouses is preventing it from happening in time, understanding that ፈፂሙ is unacceptable, and our people should be encouraged to seek humanitarian assistance without being harmed by starvation” (Abiy, 24.07.2021).

He really goes all out there after all of these months. Using the harsh tactics with all of his allies. It seemed “good just a week ago right?” or “nah”? Well, the truth is that this man caused this pain, suffering and harmed the people of Tigray. Why would they believe that he cares about them? When he ordered the armies and invaded the territory? When he sent soldiers to rape, massacre and besiege the region? Why should they believe him now? Who does he think he is?

This is being said as the TDF is strategically moving along and the gutter presses of state is demonizing them further. While we are supposed to believe from the same state that has lied about every other aspect of the conflict and had their own propaganda machine prepared ahead.

Additionally, unborn children are employed to return to school the size of their education; they are being forced into a state of combat; this lack of humanity has proved publicly that they do not care about ethnicity and global law” (Abiy, 24.07.2021).

He has the nerve to do this… after everything he has done and ordered. There is no heart in this warlord. The warlord who is losing and has more local armies against him. Not only the TDF, but the OLF and the GLF as well. He is not making more friends, but having more enemies because of his policies and warfare. The PM dares speak of humanity, after wanting to “weed” Tigrayans out. After his state has butchered civilians, arrested without procedure and closed their stores. The PM whose state has targeted an ethnic group and destroyed their lives. He wants to speak of global law and lack of humanity! Who is he kidding here? Himself or his naive cronies?

Enough of this madness, someone has stop this mad-man of warlord. He is only brining more pain and suffering. As he force enlisting youths in the regions of “willing”. This war is not over, but the TDF is advancing, as well as the OLF in Oromia. The PM is feeling the pinch and surely becoming paranoid. H

He opened a can of worms in November 2020 and now it comes back to haunt him. Peace.

PS: I translated the statement from Abiy’s Facebook on https://www.tigrinyatranslate.com/main/index.php?

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