Mali: President Goïta survives an assassination attempt

Attempted stabbing attack against the President of the Transition, Colonel Assimi GOITA at the great mosque of Bamako. The attacker was immediately subdued by close security. Investigations are ongoing.” (Presidence Mali, 20.07.2021).

The Interim President Assimi Goïta was today nearly assassinated in Bamako today. After there was a plan to stab the President at the Great Mosque in the capital.

This means that there is a plot and a plan to take him down after his second coup d’etat in May 2021. There are clearly some mischief and more grudges in the Republic. As the current President is a target and people want to get rid of him as well.

Some says Ba N’Daw who was the Interim President between September 2020 to May 2021 was behind this one. However, that is clearly just speculation at this point. We don’t know who ordered or behind the plot itself.

However, this shows how fickle things is and how easily even big-men can be touched. Suddenly an enemy can bring the Head of State down. A man who has had the ability to do this twice was nearly ended today. That says a lot and should be concerning.

Goïta is not a hero at this point, but a man who took power by the gun. Therefore, there will be people who seeks for his demise to and people who he has hurt on his way to prestige. That’s why this game is not over, but it shows what can happen. Peace.

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