Opinion: Abiy’s war-cry!

The enemy we are facing is an enemy which is the cancer of Ethiopia. The junta is probably the only group in history that used its political power to disintegrate its own country. As the saying goes “a familiar devil is not easily dislodged”, so the junta will attempt to cling on desperately” (Abiy, 18.07.2021).

Just as all the news of deployment from all the regions of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to reissue the war in the Tigray Region. The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has published his war cry.

The war that he ordered early in November 2020 and “ended” with a “ceasefire” in the end of June. However, that never happened and the state besieged the region. They blocked the roads and region. The Amhara Special Forces and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” was still active. Troops was circling the region and blocking everyone from entering. The Federal Government was also destroying vital infrastructure like bridges to block even humanitarian convoys from entering. Blocking aid agencies from warehouses in Amhara. So, that the humanitarian organizations needed to reroute and drive through Afar Region to get into Tigray region.

That’s why we know today message to galvanize the troops of Ogaden (Somali Region), Sidama, Amhara and Oromia who has been called up. The Special Forces and new recruits to combat the Tigray Defence Force (TDF). That’s why he is coming with this statement to show strength ahead of the battles and continued warfare in the North.

Forces who are afraid of our unity will do everything they deem to be divisive. They conspire to divert our wrath from them toward our own. But we will never do that. The unity we have created now is what destroyed the old conspiracy of the junta and what will destroy the owner of the conspiracy and which will ensure the renaissance of the country they had conspired against” (Abiy, 18.07.2021).

Isn’t it ironic that he speaks of unity? A man who is forcing his war on people. A man who has taken everyone for granted and getting the whole republic to fight his war. A leader who is not willing to talk, negotiate or have dialogue. However, he is willing to use all his allies to fight his war. While also dismissing every single dissident or such. That’s why his election is a fraud and the usage of military to get political gains in Tigray. He has only gone to this war to consolidate power, but however… that has backfired. The quick and brief operation, which was supposed end in the end of November 2020 is still on its 8th to 9th month. So, it is hard to build things together, when your constantly works to destroy your political enemies. That’s a road to destruction and the PM should know this, but I doubt he will live to say that. His arrogance and ego will not allow that.

We have a strict plan of why, how, when, where, and what to do. The result will soon be evident to both friend and foe. Our army is ready for a spectacular mission. We will work to remove the weed. But while removing the weed, we will try our best not to damage the wheat. In our country, we weed collectively. And this is what the children of Ethiopia are doing” (Abiy, 18.07.2021).

The PM is calling Tigray the “weed” away from the wheat. Deliberately saying they are dangerous and destroying the harvest. That they are the ones damaging the nations. That’s because the TPLF dared to jump out of the Prosperity Party and not being a part of the consolidation of the EPRDF coalition. So, his willing to remove the TDF and TPLF for that reason. It really says something about his mindset.

We can confidently say, the junta will be uprooted in a manner that will ensure it will not bud again. This will happen if we collaborate to remove the invasive weed. In the process, individuals may err; divisive information may be heard. Even though we are united as to our end, there may be arguments about the means. In any case, this will not stop us from achieving our goal. The children of Ethiopia have risen from all four corners to undo the plans of the junta. This itself is a victory. The children of Ethiopia have identified their enemy. And they know what they have to do. And they will do it” (Abiy, 18.07.2021).

The Prime Minister shows his warlord tactics … and there is no denying that anymore. His speaking of the mission and the mission is clearly to destroy, loot and total annihilate the Tigray region. To take away land and destroy its power. They are doing whatever they can and it’s not anymore about a constitutional dispute. No, it is about power and settling old grudges.

We now know… and he uses words like “cancer”, “devil” and “weeds” to describe his enemies. It shows what he stands for and who he is. His not a man of peace, but a man of war. Who is willing to use any word to fit his narrative.

Prime Minister Abiy has his war-cry after starting to deploy new recruits, using special forces and new soldiers from every other region. That’s because he didn’t have an army to bring to the table. That’s why he had to call a “ceasefire” to retool and rebuild. To have chance to return to Mekelle. A city that is in his eyes not “important” anymore. Peace.

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