Haïti: The new puppet have been revealed

Jovenel Moïse, the President of Haïti until his assassination on the 7th July 2021. There is clear indication and speculations that the United States was implicated and participated in his end. Just like the same U.S. supported and helped the former President. The Core Group and the U.S. was all behind him. Until he became a problem and he needed to be “taken away”. That’s what happened and today the Core Group revealed their candidate for succession.

Today the Core Group has directed the succession, which has no been announced as the Dr. Ariel Henry. This is outplaying the one who is the former Prime Minister Claude Joseph. While the Core Group is siding with the acting Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry.

We know that United States doesn’t want the truth to come out about the assassination either. As the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have “raided” the house of the former President. Taken the video footage and collected evidence. While shipping it away. Certainly to ensure the local police and authorities cannot withhold or have access to the “evidence” in the case. That’s seem deliberate at this point.

Just as the FBI was doing this… the Core Group announced the successor. We just know the drill and his another willing puppet. Jovenel was a hand-picked candidate too from the former President Martelly. So, people did know his association and that he was in good terms with the US.

Now, since he had fallen out of favours and the foreign partners needed a new friendly face. What better way to get rid of the current and install a new puppet. While directing and pointing fingers at him.

It is now clear that Dr. Ariel Henry will be Core Group man. Will he be the man of citizens of Haïti? Well, I have a feeling that they would prefer to a pick the leader themselves and not have someone who outsiders are anointing.

Time will tell, but this is another puppet in the making. Peace.

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