Ethiopia: The TDF have entered the Afar region

The Tigray Defence Force have now entered a stage where they have crossed the Tigray Region borders. The Afar Regional State Communication Affairs Office has verified that the TDF have entered there.

This is happening while the Federal Government is restructuring it war and recruiting troops for other regions. There is reports that from Ogaden Region alone is sending 4000 Liyu Police towards the National Effort to combat the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and their means of surviving the continued war-effort against them.

There been reports that the Federal Government have also done this Sidama region. Where the Special Forces are called up and the state is calling up youth to fill their quota. Just like the quota in Ogaden. There was a call-up for the Oromia Special Forces as well. This shows that the Prosperity Party is now clearing up every other regional state and having their armies to fight their battle in Tigray.

That’s maybe why the TDF is entering into Afar region. As they are in defence outside its region to secure its own borders. As there is coming new troops from all the others to participate in the conflict.

The Afar Regional State Communication Affairs Office stated this:

The terrorist TPLF has opened war on the people of Afar by expanding its terrorism to Afar. The brave Afar farmers who don’t negotiate with the people of Fanti Rasu zone Yalo Woreda who opened the war with our people” (Afar, 17.07.2021).

This shows that the TDF have entered from the Southern Tigray region into Afar region. That is maybe a strategic move to block and diverge the new recruits from the rest of Ethiopia. This however shows the strength of TDF. We cannot know what sort of casualties or civilian destruction of this. The Afar regional state doesn’t specify that either.

We don’t know at what border points the Federal Government have besieged the region. What we do know is that the World Food Programme used the Afar region to cross into Tigray region to help out the humanitarian efforts to combat the man-made famine. We just have to hope that this doesn’t stop another convoy or make the humanitarian missions more dangerous. As the conflict is spiralling out.

We also know that Oromia Special Forces have been stationed in Afar Region before they we’re participating in the Tigray conflict. Therefore, the TDF entering the region is a way of self-defence at this point. But it shows also the weakness of the Federal Government. As the TDF is able to enter Afar.

There will be more reporting on this, but this shows that Abiy is losing control of the conflict and its now coming closer to home for him. He doesn’t have the army or the strength to compete. Since he TDF is able to get this far as Afar region. Peace.

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