Ethiopia: Abiy’s lies is catching up with him fast

The Tigray Defence Force (TDF) has since the “unilateral ceasefire” been preoccupied with battles to continue to liberate the Tigray region. The “ceasefire” of 28th June 2021 wasn’t sincere. Since the Amhara Special Forces, Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) and Amhara Para-Military Force “Fano” have still continued to annex land. That’s why the “ceasefire” announced from the state was insincere.

Just like the whole Law Enforcement Operation wasn’t about liberating the Tigray people. Neither was it to give the general public a democratic alternative. No, it was just to consolidate all power, which has been the objective of the Prosperity Party under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. This has all been revealed since the end of June 2021.

Now we are in the middle of July and with the recent statement from the PM is very telling:

The Government of Ethiopia has paid sacrifices in declaring the ceasefire, and it was a choice made consciously to give peace a last chance. But true to its form, the TPLF chose violence to peace. It has demonstrated that it cannot survive without engaging in conflict. It has continued to use child soldiers by numbing them through drugs. The Ethiopian Defense Force is obligated to protect these kids. The ceasefire could not bear desired fruits due to people who could not appreciate the sacrifices that the Government of Ethiopia has paid for the sake of the people of Tigray” (Abiy, 14.07.2021).

What is striking here is that his blaming the TPLF. We knew that would be the case… and he wouldn’t speak the truth. That despite the ceasefire… the ENDF, the allies and such was still behind blocking everything entering the region. The humanitarian organizations has to take a longer route to Tigray region. They have to be assessed and the state got to check all humanitarian convoys there.

That’s why the TDF and the Regional Government of Tigray have to continue to fight to get their territories back. Since, the “ceasefire” was only announced, but not signed between the parties. Neither, did the Addis Ababa government anything to give back electricity, water, telephone-lines and internet. The total blockade has continued and it’s now revealed that its happening in Northern Afar region in the bordering woredas towards Tigray.

He continues:

The TPLF junta was lamenting that the Government of Ethiopia had been using starvation as a weapon of war. However, when the Federal Government declared the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the Junta soon forgets the famine accusations and intensified its military activities. The international community also soon forgets its pronouncements on looming famine in the Tigray region. They said nothing while the Junta recruits children as soldiers. They even tend to point fingers at the Government of Ethiopia even when the Junta makes humanitarian corridors as centers of military conflicts” (Abiy, 14.07.2021).

Here we are seeing the willing to lie and deception the PM is doing. That his government is screening anything arriving in Ethiopia. The blocking of humanitarian convoys has been done by the government and the Amhara Regional State has made it even harder for humanitarian organization to operate. That’s why the World Food Programme (WFP) finally had one convoy this week, but that shows how limited this has been. In the middle of famine and the man made efforts of the state, which have been reported by the Interim Government who fled Mekelle in the end of June 2021. So, the state that Abiy runs and his handlers was the ones saying the farming output had been destroyed and the agricultural sector was destroyed by the warfare. Therefore, this isn’t an accusation, but something his own government have verified in past!

He ends with:

The people of Ethiopia should understand that our domestic and external enemies are working in unison to sow dissent and mistrust among us. The Government urges the people of Ethiopia to stand together and continue supporting the ENDF in every way possible and defend the country’s sovereignty and reverse the threat posed by internal and external enemies of the country” (Abiy, 14.07.2021).

He speaks of dissent and again of mistrust. That coming from a leader who is willing to lie about everything. He lied about Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) involvement in the conflict. The PM was willing to lie about the demographics of the refugees from Tigray in Sudan. The same man was willing to lie about the reasons for the conflict and warfare in Tigray in the first place.

That man is speaking of mistrust and sowing dissent… that says a lot in 2021. Like we don’t remember all the other lies he has said. That is just water under the bridge and the PM’s own authorities has gone after the ones who actually have tried to report and do their jobs as journalists.

The PM is making everyone who isn’t behind him as enemies. Anyone who doesn’t support his causes and what he believes in. People are supposed to naturally believe his words and his stances. Without any questions and be praising his leadership. That’s the tragic reality here. As he uses patriotic means to destroy his own people and citizens of Tigray. That’s what’s outrageous and deserves to be pointed out.

Abiy will make everyone who is not behind him as enemies. Just like he has done with opponents, political parties and now continuing with the people of Tigray. Peace.

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