Ethiopia: The war never ceased in Tigray – The Tripartite Alliance just needed reinforcements

The civil warfare that started in early November last year never stopped. The “unilateral ceasefire” which was announced on the 28th June 2021 was utter rubbish. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Amhara Special Forces or Para-Military Group “Fano” never left and that¨s why the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) have fought to take back territories to this day.

The Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister can act like it ceased. However, we know with the TDF taking back Mekelle. That the TDF humiliated the Tripartite Alliance, the ENDF, Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) and “Fano”. They dismantled their forces, captured plenty of their soldiers and was able for two weeks to go into successive wins on the battlefield. That’s why the “unilateral ceasefire” happened, because the Federal State and its allies was losing ground.

Now, today the Prime Minister has called for retaliations. After the TDF is getting closer to the borders of the regional states. As it is taking back the territories the Amhara and others have annexed from the Tigray region. This is showing the acts of the state and that they had a long-term plan for this, but it has backfired as the TDF have grown in strength.

Today its revealed that the Sidama and Oromia Special Forces are now recruited as reinforcement to the continued warfare. The Prime Minister is seeking whatever brigades or armed forces he has at his disposal. Since, the war has already cost and the National Army has had heavy losses of late. The same must have happened to the Amhara Special Forces and “Fano” as well. Therefore, the brief warfare of November 2020 is still persisting.

The state is still willing to wage war and tried to besiege the region. Close it off, have a total blockade and lock it out. The Federal Government have made it hard for humanitarian organizations to deliver aid and food. As the man-made famine is still on-going. The catastrophe of the Tigray region isn’t over and the Federal Government haven’t done anything to really do it any good. They haven’t held talks or even tried to concede with the Regional Government of Tigray. Instead it has gone after it and vilified it even more. That’s why today’s statement is telling and news of reinforcement says it all.

The Tripartite alliance and its allies hadn’t given up this war. The warlords was ready for another battle and find new ways of going after the TPLF. They are trying to find new ways of propaganda and lies about their acts. So, that they can have a moral grounds for it. While the PM talks of saving children. Him and his allies had no issues targeting all woman and sexually assault them, even mass-rape them. The state had no issue causing famine and destroying people’s livelihood. The state had no issues to do what it could of looting and destruction of a region in the previous months. So, it is hard to believe that the PM wages this war to save the children of Tigray. Who is he kidding here? Who is he trying to fool? The Nobel Peace Prize committee, maybe?

Surely, the Law Enforcement Operation is still active. Now, the new fresh blood is coming from Oromia and Sidama. Don’t be shocked if previous troops who has been stationed in Somalia suddenly ends up on the border regions to Tigray. The state needs to reinforce its borders and quickly too. The ENDF already lost several thousands of soldiers as a prisoners of war (POW). Clearly, the state has to deploy other men to take their place.

TDF have shown heart and ability far beyond what the Tripartite Alliance could imagine. PM Abiy thought a few weeks and this would be a done deal. However, he didn’t know who he was fighting and neither did his allies. That’s why the “unilateral ceasefire” wasn’t about stopping the war, but changing the guards. The “ceasefire” was about buying time and finding new means to an end. Peace.

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