Opinion: It isn’t about Zuma but the system itself

What is happening now is tragic… there is a lack of help and a state to help huge parts of the population. This is a systemic default, which was inherited by the African National Congress (ANC) and not made better. The new regime got a new elite and new middle-class, but the majority was still left behind.

Zuma’s incarceration was only the boiling point of all the ones left behind. By a system made for a certain elite and for the ones prospering on the demise of others. Where the ANC and political actors could spike the system and earn big. They could become big-man and get huge pay-offs. The state corporations and tenders was spoils of the game and they could access huge slush-funds in the portfolios of either the enterprises or government parastatals. Therefore, the ones living in townships and on smaller plots. Have never seen the changes.

The ones living in Soweto and elsewhere haven’t seen the rising economy. The growing businesses and felt the changes of society since end of apartheid. They have been left alone and only remembered with t-shirts in political rallies. They are the ones who could easily go to the streets and malls an loot these days. They could go and fetch TVs, Radios and whatever available.

The dire situation in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng is only showing the problems brewing in plain sight. So many people are living hand-to-mouth. While the political elite and the middle class could buy SUVs and expensive flats. While the others couldn’t even afford the next electricity bill or possible medical check-up.

That’s why you know the system isn’t cracking. Zuma’s incarceration is only the last straw. Even if Zuma didn’t do much or anything for the same people in the streets. His ANC have only lifted a very limited part of society out of poverty, but have not stopped the general challenges of unemployment and lack of progress.

The riots, burning of buildings and general looting will only further cause harm to the same ones in the streets. This will cause lack of investment and family businesses might never return again. They cannot afford to rebuild and restock. Neither can factories and other places open up again before they get liquidity to do so. Some might not even have the heart to rebuild it and that’s why even further lack of jobs will come out of this.

It is a spiral of negative reactions. Not that the ones on streets will feel much difference. They are left in a situation of no possible change. The ANC have never made them prosper or given opportunities to the next generation. The government have fallen and the leaders haven’t been there for them.

45 people have died. Over 700 people arrested and 2500 soldiers deployed. This will just further escalate. The status will not bring hope or changes. Only more depriving pieces of humanity. As there are reports of white owners blocking blacks from entering malls and shops in Gauteng. That just says it all… when the apartheid era laws are kept by the business-owners themselves. Instead of finding issues to solve this and make life better. The state is leaving all these people behind and nothing good is coming out of this.

This is a crisis that has been brewing and in the waiting. The state haven’t offered the poorest and the ones in need. They have been left behind and the results are what is seen today. The destruction and the looting. The desperation and total use of excessive means to get ahead. When the poor has seen the political looting the state for so long. They have read the stories and heard what they did. Now, instead of sophisticated thieving through government schemes… they went to the malls and shops to take whatever they could. Cars filled with merchandise and general products.

This just shows where the ANC has been lacking. Where they have forgotten its duty and haven’t done its job. The ANC have had the time and the ability to make life better for more people. However, they haven’t done this and become greedy themselves. They have found means to enrich themselves, but not the general public. The majority isn’t feeling the rise or the economic growth of South Africa.

They were left behind and this week they could retaliate. Not that it was beautiful or in a manner, which will build society. However, it is an reaction to years of being forgotten. They have not seen or heard anything hopeful. They now used the Zuma’s arrests as a means to an end. This will not be over, but should be a warning to the ANC. That it got a job to do… and they need to configure their policies to help the ones who was on the streets these days. Because, if it don’t … it will have a revolution on its hands and that’s a monster the party cannot fight. Peace.

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