Opinon: Abiy hopes donor aid can cover his deficit of $1.5 billion dollars

The federal government plans to get 66.8 billion Br (1.5 billion dollars at the current exchange rate) in foreign aid to finance its budget deficit for the fiscal year, projected to reach 144 billion Br. This is amidst backlash from the western world over the war in Tigray and the subsequent humanitarian crisis in northern Ethiopia. Parliament has passed the budget bill, unanimously, comprising 561 billion Br for the 2021/22 fiscal year, which began last week” (Addis Fortune – ‘Ethiopia Hopes for $1.5b in Foreign Aid to Finance Looming Budget Deficit’ 12.07.2021).

The Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali after the failure of his policies, government actions and his inability to get positive feedback from the Western powers. Are now seeking to get $1.5 Billion U.S. Dollars in this budget year.

This is happening after the European Union come with another unfavourable resolutions. The EU has already seized aid or suspended to pay for certain programs. That has happen as a result of the warfare, which has been vicious since early November 2020. This has undercut the ideals of the donors and who they want to support.

That’s why it’s really risky of Finfinne or the Prosperity Party to seek for that amount of money. Unless, they are willing to loan from dubious sources and take out loans it cannot carry. Since, the United States and EU isn’t doling away funds for nothing. This is why the Addis Ababa government needs to redefine its goals or what they want to achieve.

Prime Minister Abiy have clearly lost his momentum and destroyed his good name. The whole “reformist” agenda isn’t for sale anymore. Neither is the belief that he will do any good. When he has done what he could destroy the Tigray region. Neither has he opened up the political space or given the media more freedom. As journalists are arrested and media houses are closed. Opposition parties are blocked from the polls and their leaders are behind bars on “political motivated” charges.

That’s why it’s really rich and naive to think that this man and his party will deliver the goods. The EU and US is in the rights to spend the taxpayers money elsewhere. Since, this government could easily spend the deficit to boost the army again and pay mercenaries to target Tigray even more.

Abiy clearly didn’t plan ahead, but went all in thinking he would be supreme. That he had consolidated all power and gotten a better relations with Asmara. Now, his in the same veins as Afewerki. These are not positive role models or showing the opportunities of the Horn of Africa.

The Prosperity Party hopes the foreign powers will bail them out. They hope someone will come and give them money without any strings. The sovereign who needed Eritrea to kill their own. Is now wondering why certain donors doesn’t want give them funds anymore. That all makes sense.

Not everyone is favours of Warlords and the ones who might kill their own to get more political power. That is not the sort of leader and sort of system that creates stability. That only creates more conflict and it could easily spiral out of control. This is why the Addis Ababa government is sanctioned and isn’t in good favours with plenty.

The bullets, the ammo and the use of force has cost. Not only has it depleted and destroyed the reputation of Abiy. It has also shown the true colours of it and that’s why they are not willing to invest in it. The current leadership needs to evaluate itself and maybe the PP needs to rethink its strategy. Since the Prime Minister and all his Yes-Men will not get monetary support for self-destruction. Even if that seems to be a deal Abiy takes every day of the week. Peace.

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