Opinion: Moïse was assassinated so that a new puppet can rule with legitimacy

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated on the 7th July 2021. There been several of questions that haven’t bee answered. The authorities are now claiming a straw-man in Florida paid a Venezuelan Security Firm CTU Security with Colombian mercenaries to get airlifted and do the bidding of the Florida based gentleman.

However, the assassination was done without any gunfire with the armed guards surrounding the home of the President. Neither was there any issues with the bodyguards as well. Therefore, there are some plot-lines missing, which is relevant and make it look like a “inside” job.

All of that, in combination that the United States always interfere and that Jovenel Moïse wasn’t that useful anymore. He wasn’t popular and wasn’t following up with elections either. The President overstayed and clearly misused his office. That was because he didn’t have to fear anything and knew he could get away with it. This is why he could give land and business opportunities to the elites and shield the ones close to power.

That’s why the general public isn’t crying out for his demise. They know the game that is outplaying itself. Now a sudden unknown commoner has Presidential ambitions and wanting to be a senator in Haiti. Suddenly has the urge to cause chaos and incite violence in the Republic.

Moïse lived by the guns and died by the guns. He used mercenaries to secure his power and office. That’s why it’s not shocking that this was his downfall too.

I’m just starting to wonder and consider the need for a new leader in Haiti. The United States would get a better pawn there. Since, the current one had lost his edge and now they could get someone else to carry their weight.

No matter what happens now… the U.S. interests will be taken care off. Like it has happened over-and-over again. The CIA and others have been involved in various ways to get a puppet President in Port-au-Prince. That wouldn’t be shocking in 2021.

That’s why parts of the assassination story doesn’t make sense. Secondly, the company and the possibility to just walk-in and shot the Head of State like that. Seems like a “fictional” story, as there should be more people initially hurt. If not, why no alarm or guards shooting at the mercenaries?

That’s what is suss about this… and there is a lack of common sense. If not it was an “inside” job and to “put aside” the President. If the CIA would be implicated here and done the scheme. We shouldn’t be shocked and it is just out of their script.

So, expect the U.S. to prepare a new President and have someone who is more “popular” and “legitimate” for their causes. Haiti is just a “playground” to them and they are imposing their will there.

The former President was useful for a minute, but now his gone. Just for one reason. So, that the U.S. can find another person to be their puppet. There is nothing else to this. That’s why the stories about the assassination doesn’t make sense and the foggy foddy-duddy “plot” is having so many blind spots. Not just to the naked eye, but in general.

As we can expect the wrong dudes are arrested and they are also pawns in this. The ones who really did it. Are walking the streets and awaiting the next call to do a mission. To secure U.S. interests elsewhere. Peace.

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