Opinion: Abiy wins a landslide in the predetermined polls

It would have been shocking and equate to a disaster if Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali would have lost the recently held elections. In all numbers and polls his Prosperity Party have won a significant majority. The rest is allies and favourable “opposition parties” which are in the good graces getting a small mandate. Therefore, this a practical “one-party” election with a few selected “opposition” leaders to contest with.

The election in itself is a disgrace. There was maybe peace in some regions and was long lines of waiting people. However, the real opposition was either barred, banned or detained by the authorities. That’s not only in Tigray region, but also in others. Where opposition parties haven’t been able to run or allowed to run. Because, the state has blocked the Oromo, Ogaden and Tigray parties from participating.

We know that the Prosperity Party wouldn’t have won the Oromia seats or the representation. As the ones who are in favours of the people is behind bars. The same with others as well. It is just proven and the state isn’t even trying to make it look legit.

The results are just proving it. This is to legitimize the ‘Medemer Terror’ and the oppressive means of the regime. This election isn’t to get the ones the public wants, but who Abiy have selected. They are now in total power and continues his reign.

The ones who believes these results are naive. As Balderas, Oromo Federalist Congress, Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front, Afar Liberation Front Party and others are targeted, silenced and detained. So that they couldn’t participate in this election. That’s because the PM and PP couldn’t have run against them and actually win.

That’s why today’s announcement is just a fraud and a “fake”. It is just a (s)election and not free. It isn’t just technical issues of sort. There was a predetermination and done to ensure it. The Prime Minister and everyone can scream “victory”. But there was nothing under the sun that would make it possible for him to lose. There was no way he could have lost and neither his party.

So, the proclamation today and announced “victory” have been anticipated. That’s because the state have prepared for this and done everything to make it happened. The ones who thinks otherwise. Can check the amount of political prisoners. How many journalists who has been targeted and also all the parties who haven’t been able to participate. If you look at all of this. Than you know the PM and PP have done this all deliberately.

We can just ensure the world of a more lies, deceptions and possible bloodshed. The PM can lie about everything and spin for his own personal gain. The same does his party and his government. That will only be legitimized by this and he will feel more confident in the term ahead. Now, he isn’t just selected by a chosen few, but was (s)elected.

He will sing psalms and be giddy. The same will the whole PP and they will call it the best election ever. However, if it was so great?

Why didn’t his main challenger get an opportunity to be on the ballot or the parties ability to run against PP?

Well, that’s because the PM and PP wouldn’t risk a possibility to loose or even be humiliated in some regions. That’s why they barred them and made it impossible for them to run. That’s why it’s easy to say this isn’t “free or fair” even credible elections. Peace.

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