Opinion: Todwong dines in a den of thieves

“The choice is in our hands and the responsibility falls on our shoulders to save our homeland from this ‘cancer’ of corruption and embezzlement of public funds with impunity” – Richard Todwong

The newly minted Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Richard Todwong have come out guns blazing as his tenure starts. However, he knows his comrades and fellow party affiliates. Its not like he don’t know and seen their modus operandi.

If fellow peers are corrupt and grand corruption is still a thing. They will not cease their operations over a few mere words. Then the striking, ranging thunder and tales of old would have made people go into fear mode a long time ago.

The SG will be no different. He has in the past addressed the mismanagement and lack of investments in schools. As he visited one wrecked school up-country. Nevertheless, the man didn’t do much or use much energy to invest more in the school system. He just raged a minute and let it all go.

Now, his talking of fighting corruption. I doubt he will challenge the Kitchen Cabinet nor the High Above. Neither will he go for the family enterprises or the lack of tenders. He will not delegate the PPDA, IGG or OAG somewhere useful. Also, he will not give a word to the Anti-Corruption Unit at the State House. That is only for the anointed one.

Therefore, this is just another lie for the façade. This is not for reality or for anything truthful. Don’t expect things to change. Not as long as the same fella is running the game and everyone is following his directives. There isn’t even a need for laws or legislation. If his directive is in play. Everyone will dance to the music he provides. The almighty DJ, inviting everyone to dance.

Todwong might mean well, but it seems like a ploy to sound legit. Since the game is already up and the corruption cases doesn’t cease to exist. That is just a mere fact. The Secretary General knows this, and he can act a fool, but his still not that stupid.

If he wants to treat this illness and go to core of the problem. Then the NRM needs to go to their roots, their rise to power and the reason for its existence. That’s where the problem is laying. Right in-front of them in plain sight. They all know it, but they are not allowed act upon it.

If they do. Then, they are challenging the master and that is something that is a cardinal sin. They will never be forgiven and will be feed to the wolves. There will be no return and the grave will await them. Peace.

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