Opinion: Museveni won’t retire…. [and we have heard this all before]

Please you people, I want to go and look after my cows. Create a centre of gravity, I push you there, then I go and look after my cows” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 6th July 2021

We have heard this all before… this is not shocking or anything sincere. This President is unofficially in his 8th Term. President Museveni have ruled the nation since 26th January 1986. He has been the supreme moolah since the 1980s bush-war. That’s who he is and there is no real signals for a succession or him slowing down. There speculations into the “Project Muhoozi” and the continued promotions of Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is a possible sign for that. They want to build a dynasty and run Uganda as a family enterprise.

Well, this President have abolished the term limits, the age limits and “won” six Presidential Elections since 1996. Not like this man is retiring. There been more people of his generation actually dying than him stepping down.

The young nation of Uganda is run by a man of the advance age. Who has total control of the army, but sooner or later something got to give. His in his 70s and ageing. Not like he has found the fountain of youth or become more likeable. No, his the same old tyrant coming with empty promises.

This man has promised greatness, pledge everything under the sun and haven’t delivered much. His most significant state programme, the 10 point programme hasn’t even been delivered and the ones picking up from where he left. Has not only a devastation debt, horrific atrocities and human rights abuses. With the lack of laws and protocols, as the state is personalized to Museveni. Therefore, the next Head of State have to fix that and ensure the state is sharing power. Not having all power within one office and one person. Because, that is one of the main reasons why things aren’t moving forward, but backwards instead.

President Museveni would not retire, even if the East African Confederation became a thing. Because, he would only accept that, if they crowned him king of East Africa. That’s what he dreams of and wants to be the ruler of all. He believes that everyone is more dumb and naive. That he needs to guide us all. Deep in his heart, if the United Nations was more powerful. He would have tried to be the Secretary General of the UN. However, he knows it isn’t that big of deal and that’s why he hasn’t tried to become that…

President Museveni will not retire. He will either die a natural death, be assassinated or get toppled in a coup d’etat. There will be no peaceful transition. As long as this man has the arms and guns on his side. Everyone else is just to bow to their king. That’s all he needs and he isn’t concerned about others.

He just hopes he can corrupt enough hearts and minds to continue his reign. That will continue until his heart stops. There is no official end… it will just happen sporadic and there will be certainty after his fall. That’s because the President made things like this and his ego couldn’t give way to anyone else. Peace.

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