Ethiopia: Prime Minster Abiy slaughtered a cow and only got a chicken in return …

We won’t sacrifice a healthy cow to save a sick chicken” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (05.07.2021).

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Ali have today addressed the House of Federation. Where he tries to defend the war he waged in Tigray. We can really see that there is no heart for the Tigrayan and neither for the general public. War is a righteous thing and it is very proven. This is a warlord and he will easily wage another when the stars are aligned for it. He had to leave most part of Tigray region, because the Tigray Defence Force was winning battle after battle. That’s why they have thousands of Prisoners of War (PoW).

Just like not long ago… the PM said he didn’t go to Tigray to liberate it. However, in the past he said he would conquer it in a few weeks and destroy Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from the surface of the earth. That’s why Eritrean Shabait have called it “defunct” for months. While it was retaking its lands and stopping the Tripartite Alliance.

Here is his heart on display:

Bank, water, electricity are luxuries in Ethiopia. So don’t bother us if the service is not available in certain area. There was no such service before, so why now? The current situation is a lesson to the rest of us that it is impossible to burn others while enjoying the heat of the fire” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

How can this man promise reforms and say his going to elevate the Republic when he says these things are luxuries? Having banking services shouldn’t be this hard… and neither water, which is necessities. It just shows that his proud of blocking the utilities, communication and total blockage of Tigray is fine with him. Neither does he value any other Ethiopian to have this either. It is a luxury for only the likes of him and his closest allies. The rest should bow to his grace and accept your fate. That you are blocked from banking, water, electricity or anything because of race. Thanks the almighty deity Abiy for those doling gifts of governance from the Masters of Peace.

As he continues:

Every Tigrayan mother will weight what this war has brought on her. The mothers know the damage this conflict brought upon them” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

Just like the Tripartite Alliance saw everyone as an enemy in Mekelle. Now, the Prime Minister is blaming every mother for the suffering put on the region. That is projection of the finest art. Because sons and daughters are fighting a war waged on them. Because, the Federal Government couldn’t accept another type of leadership and a party who didn’t follow the epic commander of Abiy. That’s why the mothers of Tigray now deserves the pain they are living through. It really shows the greatness of Abiy and how much he cares of the pain he puts on others with his orders!

He promotes more war in the future:

In one, two or three weeks, 100,000 trained, armed and organised special forces can be mobilised. If said special force isn’t enough, if a militia is needed, in one or two months half a million militiamen can be organised. One million youths can be mobilised and trained” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

Now he says he will raise new armies to wage more war. Surely because he lost this one and had to flee from parts of the Tigray region. As we speak there is still Amhara Special Force and Fano fighting the TDF in Western Tigray where the Amhara state annexed land. Therefore, the conflict is not over. Just like the ceasefire isn’t official, as the state is blocking everything and we know the PM is proud of that. Because, drinking water and accessing your wages in banks is a luxury. Remember that from now on.

His ill-advised mind says this:

In my view, those interested in seeing the conclusion of the conflict in the Tigray region are very few. It seems there are interests that seek to see the weakening of the Ethiopian state through a protracted conflict” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

It is tragic that he says that. His the one that waged the war and ordered it. It was his government and allies who was prepared all across the borders of Tigray. Who had airlifted soldiers into Eritrea to attack from two sides. The Prime Minister promised to finish it off in weeks and was saying it was in the finalization of the Law Enforcement Operation in the end of November 2020. The conflict continued to the end of June 2021. However, we still know the state is deliberately weakening and blocking necessities… which shows they are not done yet, but put vital warfare on hold. They were the ones that kept it going and was undressed by the TDF during the last few weeks. Which destroyed and annihilated the Tripartite Alliance… and therefore they fled.

The final nonsense:

As a sovereign nation, we have tolerated a lot. Without government recognition armed forces were being organized, conflict entrepreneurs and propagandists were deployed throughout the country. The people of Tigray were told that they were at risk of war. Elders, investors, politicians, locals and investors were sent to mediate. Ultimately, the Northern Command was attacked. We were forced to set out to defend the country and return looted national resources and weapons” (Abiy, 05.07.2021).

He is really something else. A guy who puts the blame on others and had the war planned together with his allies. They had surrounded the region before the attack of the Northern Command. The PM and his allies has used that as a scapegoat. While not taking into coordination or the cooperation , which was signalling to the TDF that their time was up anyway. The state had already blocked government funding, blocked aid to the region and other measures in the months ahead. Not, like the HOF and the PM was in favour of Tigray anyway.

So to speak of propagandists… his own people should talk and maybe not slaughter a cow to buy a chicken. Which the state have done in this favour. They have destroyed and created a man-made famine over a constitutional dispute and a futile will to consolidate all power under one banner. Which was the idea in the first place. The PM couldn’t handle to have someone who wouldn’t listen and follow his command without question. That’s why he waged war and called upon anyone who could support this effort. While using the legitimacy of the central administration and usher in a bloodshed in Tigray.

This is tragic but with statements like these. We know the Prosperity Party and the PM is not done with the region. This ceasefire is to retool and restructure to assault it again. When they hopefully can end the TPLF for their defiant moves of defying the naked king of Finfinne aka Addis Ababa.

Today’s address in the House of Federation wasn’t a victory lap, but shows his sentiments yet again. He never valued Tigray and its people. He just wanted to settle old scores and become supreme. There is no golden goose or a positive silver lining. That is far from it. Even if his allies and propagandists actually says so. Peace.

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