Ethiopia: Abiy’s darkness shadows Tigray’s liberation [it’s a siege and not a ceasefire]

On the 28th June 2021 the 8 month long civil war over the Tigray region seemed to be over. As the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Eritrean Defence Forces (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Forces “Fano” was fleeing and leaving the region for the first time since the conflict started in early November 2020. This was because the Tigray Defence Force had two weeks of successive battles and beating the Tripartite Alliance to its core. That’s why the conflict was ceasing and the state on it’s knees.

However, the state and it’s allies isn’t done. They are blocking all roads into the Tigray Region. The state and its allies haven’t allowed international aid organizations or United Nations World Food Programme to deliver needed food aid into the region. As the region is in a rapid famine and in a humanitarian crisis. Which has been created by the state that attacked it and rooted in the conflict, which was ordered by the authorities itself.

That’s why bridges have been destroyed. Planes not allowed to drop goods and needed logistical support. The state is deliberately letting people perish and die. As they are retaliating with this “soft” war. Where they are blocking electricity, all communications (telephone/internet) and even water as well. All utilities are blocked… and that shows how they are besieging the region.

The direct warfare from Tripartite Alliance has maybe stopped. Even if there are some reports of warfare and acts of war-crime in Western Tigray. Where the annex land and the towns are besieged by Amhara Special Forces and the ENDF.

The Addis Ababa Government, the Prosperity Party and its allies is weaponizing starvation and a famine. They are willing to see people die, because the Prime Minister and his token friends didn’t get their way. That is the sinister and evil act of this government. Their propaganda and their acts of viciousness shall never be forgotten. As they did on their watch, kill civilians, massacre and starve their own citizens. They did this to prove a point and be supreme. That’s how little heart and little care they have.

Closing the borders and making lives a living hell. Ensuring that the people cannot eat or get what they need. That is what the Prime Minister and his allies are doing. They are showing how much they value the citizens of Tigray. These are all enemies and they are not worthy. That’s why everyone is punished for the decision to vote for and have the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as the State Government in the September 2020 election.

That is clearly the case. The Prime Minister and his party have been humiliated, again and again. Instead of getting the praise and the blind love they expect to get. Now the Amhara State government want to continue the war and keep the annex regions. While having the support of Addis Ababa and Asmara.

We are clearly seeing the evil side of this regime. They cannot even care enough to let humanitarian convoys with live-saving food to enter the Region. That is too much for them. This is who PM Abiy is… a cold blooded warlord who doesn’t value life.

If the Tigray government and the TPLF was like him. All the thousands of Prisoners of War who has been moved in the region of late. Would have been starving and kept in horrible conditions. However, they are showing that they care. Yes, the Tigray have done some extra judicial killings of co-conspirators of the Interim Government. They are seen as treacherous to their cause.

That should be condemn. However, the other government in Addis is willing to risk 900,000 people in dire distress in the middle of famine. They are willing to risk close to 6 million lacking food and utilities. The Tigray have without a doubt killed 120 people, which should have gotten on trial and answered for their betrayal of the region. Nevertheless, would the Addis regime save any of Tigrayan in the end?

A government who is stopping all Tigrayan across the republic. Who are continuing a ethnic attack. Blocking the ability to have bank-accounts, call and be a citizen of the state. In Addis shops own by Tegaru are attacked and closed. This is the sort of acts of this “reformist” government. Property is also ceased and destroyed as well.

So, it’s hard to believe that this regime cares or follows any sort of protocol or doing their mandate. The state is isolating and besieging the region. Also targeting the ones who happens to be Tegaru in other regions. The world should know and the war isn’t over. It is just done “silently” and with other means.

That isn’t just tragic, but horrible. This is the act of the PP and PM Abiy. He accepts this and orders in coordination of his allies in Amhara and in Eritrea. They are all doing this and just to hurt Mekelle. It is a clear indication, that the whole “unilateral ceasefire” is utter rubbish. Peace.

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