Opinion: Arresting Kanu doesn’t save Buhari

It is now evident that there was foul play and questionable moves to get the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu. They have abducted him and arrested him. The authorities are now keeping him detained and there are reports of torturing him as well.

This is not saving Nigeria and neither is this a unifying message. The Federal Government of Nigeria isn’t becoming better by doing this to the IPOB leader Kanu. They are only showing their vicious side and not listening to the pleas of other people.

President Muhammadu Buhari and his allies isn’t making things better. They are not stopping insurgency, kidnappings and petty thieving in the Republic. No, they are just taking a person who fights for the liberty of his people in Biafra. That’s the reality of this.

It would be like Buhari arresting acting President of Niger Delta Congress (NDC) Nubari Saatah. That would have been similar, in some fashion, but the authorities will not do that. The state should instead look at their grievances and what is lacking. It is a reason why there has been a need for the Niger Delta Avengers and they have created insecurity there.

The Nigerian President isn’t creating a peaceful atmosphere, but making things more volatile. The shaky reasons for arresting IPOB leader. They are using the powers of the state and the monopoly of violence. Therefore, Buhari isn’t making things better. He never have…

President Buhari cannot even handle or ensure people get heard and act upon the End-SARS. The President rather promotes police brutality and extra judicial killings. The President and his government can only come out with hallow statements and continue the prolonged power-grab. Instead of serving the public and safeguard the average citizen.

The arrest of Kanu isn’t making Nigeria better. It is only showing there is one Nigeria and there is one power dynamic. Though it breaks my heart to see that someone who fights for own region, own people and a just cause. Gets in the slammer this easily and possibly tortured as well. Just because he stands for something and that has been fought for generations.

Kanu isn’t the first who fights for Biafra and will not be the last. Leaders like Buhari isn’t making the case for United Nigeria any better. He just showing them the finger and mocking the ones fighting for their liberty.

Buhari cannot even save people from police brutality. This man will not save or show grace to the Biafran people either. They are left alone. Just like all citizens are in the hands of the police. They are at liberty to do what they do. They don’t need to answer to anyone.

President Buhari doesn’t respect anyone. His the supreme leader and his arrogance shows. Nevertheless, these sorts of act doesn’t give him credibility or strength. It only destroys his office and gives weight to the ones fighting for Biafra. So, he is weakening himself and showing the ones in IPOB that they are right on the money. Peace.

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