Opinion: Ministry of Health – Deliver the goods and not just talk…

The Ministry of Health and Permanent Secretary Dr. Diana Atwine have promised greatness and huge results during the pandemic. This being the usage of donations in 2020 and International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans to cover the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Health should instead of talking…. ACT. The state, the National Resistance Movement and everyone who ensures the hospitals and health centres are working. The Government of Uganda (GoU) needs get checked and questioned. Especially, when the hospitals lacks the basics. Neither prepared for a second wave of the pandemic.

It isn’t like the GoU and MoH should have made things possible. They should have covered the allowances and hazard pay for the health care workers. The same should be with educating nurses for the ICU and procure more ICU beds. Secondly, get ventilators, bigger production of oxygen and buy vaccines by the truck-loads. Instead of waiting for gifts and donations from the International Community. While the state is borrowing huge loans to cover for this.

That’s why the Ministry of Health, the government and all the bureaucrats needs to get help from the “high above”. They need to get the hold of the funds and capacity to actually do what is needed. Instead of seeing people dying because they are not getting in time to the hospital. Some even get to the hospital, but the lack of oxygen kills the loved ones. Instead of giving them a little more time to heal and catch the needed breath.

The MoH and GoU needs to man-up and take responsibility. They have failed their citizens. The Hospitals and the health care system was crashing before the pandemic. The pandemic is only exposing it and showing the dire distress. It is the innocent and the tax-payers who is not getting what they are deserving. These deserve to get treatment and healing from the virus. They shouldn’t die in the hospital, because the state didn’t prepare or spend needed funds to make it operational. They instead spend it on SUVs and Elections….

That’s how it seems. Dr. Atwine and the likes needs to fix the problems and not whine over this in a press release. They should instead of jumping behind the barricades and go into self-defence. The Permanent Secretary should go over to the State House and beg for more money. Should ask for funds from the Confidential Funds or whatnot. So, that she can procure, ensure training and equipment that can save lives.

That they should do, if that matters and if they want to stop the medical tourism, which is always a saving grace for VIPs and the elites. Therefore, the MoH and GoU better get a grip. They have borrowed twice from the IMF to save themselves during the COVID-19. Instead of spending directly on the necessary on Health Care. It goes to everywhere else and for whatever causes the state see fit.

That’s why the MoH sucks and the GoU is corrupted. They are not willing to invest or using loans to save lives. That is the proof and the Permanent Secretary have to responsibility together with all of the Ministers running the Ministry. They are all chefs and this is the dish they are serving. It is not tasty or a fine dining meal. It is fast-food and sometimes the plate isn’t even delivered. However, the Ministry is still billing the citizen who arrives at the hospital. That is the sad reality and this got to change. Peace.

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