Opinion: Some folks won’t cry at your funeral

Many men, many, many, many, many men

Wish death ‘pon me

Lord I don’t cry no more

Don’t look to the sky no more

Have mercy on me” – 50 Cent – ‘Many Men’ (2003)

This weekend have shown a sentiment and a wish that plenty of people has. Not that any of it was true. Still, people played along and saw it. I am sure people have seen the rumours of death and hospitalization of high ranking officials.

There was speculations of the death of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and a hospitalization of his son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga at the Nairobi Hospital. Both are apparently false and was fake news. Though it was spread through the web and even hit the headlines.

There was even those defiant ones where they triumphantly said the President was alive, because he addressed a online summit. Also, journalist had to make a call to his son to verify that he was well and preparing to be the third in command of the army.

So, things have not really changed, but this is showing what many people wishes. There will be plenty of people out there. That will not cry or be sad when their demise is happening. It will be vast amount of people who looks forward to the final fall and the last “goodbye”.

These rumours wouldn’t be spread and shared, if there wasn’t a sentiment behind it. This is wishful thinking. People are wishing death on these ones. There are people who wish for their demise and the last breath.

It is not strange… considering all the ones who has been touched, who has lost their loved ones and all the ones who has struggled because of the Self-Styled President for Life. They want to see his end and cannot wait for it to happen.

What is also striking is the ill-will towards the son. The anointed one and the one who has been allowed to run wild with Special Forces Command and now will have a huger influence of the army. They also hoping for his demise too. There many who want to stop the idea of a dynasty as well.

Clearly, the state should be aware. There are plenty who is not there to give him the roses, but is ready for the casket drop. They are ready to see him and they will not shed a tear. That says it all… and should be a reminder about how your legacy will be as well.

When many men wish death on you… then you know your a hate dude. Your not a beloved person of the family or the greater society. When people wish upon final destination and the entry of the afterlife. They are also ready for the demise of his son as well.

That says a lot and rumours like this only shows how people behave and how they want this to stop. They are tired of his reign and his prolonged time in office. This Presidency have been going for over 35 years and still counting.

So it is not strange… but just shows what is simmering under the surface. The NRM needs to be reminded of this. They are feeding a dying horse and at one point this sentiment might boil over. Peace.

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