Opinion: NASA revived out of nowhere [and for no apparent reason]

Today, the NASA Co-Principals of Moses Wetan’gula, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi have dropped a press release from the National Super Alliance (NASA). The did that as the NASA Principals. This is clearly a move ahead of 2022 and is here to seek relevance.

That is not shocking, because these gentlemen needs a home. All of them a ticket and a possibility to eat. They are hungry and needs to ensure their plate is ready after the elections. That is why the NASA Co-Principals are talking and dropping a Press Release. Since, this seems like defunct coalition. Especially, considering the NASA Logo wasn’t used and neither was any representation from the ODM there.

We know that Raila Odinga and the ODM doesn’t need the NASA Co-Principals at this point. His working with Jubilee and they are planning a coalition ahead of 2022. That isn’t shocking either, as Uhuru Kenyatta and Odinga have been working in a genuine partnership with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

This is why the Co-Principals is doing this. They are trying to send a message. However, they are not as important as they think they are. Their parties isn’t all that either. If they were important or vital… They would have made an impact.

Only Kalonzo have made moves and gotten into good graces. Wetan’gula even lost his minority post in the Parliament. Therefore, these fellows isn’t all that. They need a coalition and a base to be viable.

They were riding on Odinga for so long. Now they are trying to find their way. We could wonder if they want to make their own independent coalition. However, they will not be significant or become anything serious. These are meal-ticket politicians… and trying to find their way.

That’s why they need someone to shield them and shelter them. Even guide and give a way of campaigning. Because, alone they seem rudderless. These fellows seems like they need someone at the wheel. “Jesus Take the Wheel” should be playing and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

As they are reviving a dead outfit. They are calling themselves the NASA Principals. An coalition, which the former Presidential Candidate isn’t a part of it seems. Neither, does he have any interest of it either. He has abandoned this cause years ago at this point. They need him and not the other way around.

It is tragic that things are this way. Kalonzo is the one you should anticipate to snake away or even try to find a more “secure” alliance. He would rather go elsewhere. The same with Wetan’gula. What Mudavadi would do at this point is hard to know. He is just toiling around and awaiting his turn to revamp his political career.

Alas, these three gentlemen doesn’t have much. They don’t even have the tickets or the road-map ahead. They are trying to revitalize something of age, which made them prominent a little moment in the last election. However, by 2022 this coalition will be dead in the water. Heck, it is already pronounced dead a while back. So, why try to give it a second life in the first place?

These folks needs to see and maybe understand that their time is up. They have had their time and their journey is soon at it’s end. There is no places to take you. Except if the next government will appoint you to a commission or even give you hack-job in a authority. That’s what’s up for these folks. These aren’t in the big league anymore. Unless, one of them get a sudden wise-guy move or get a team behind to boost their candidacy. In such a way that nobody can phantom. However, don’t count on it. Even Governor Mutua of Machakos with his White House and Hotel have more freshness than these guys. That says a lot… Peace.

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