Opinion: Abiy is willing to lie about everything…

BBC Transcript from interview of 21.06.2021

The civil war and the conflict in Tigray region have proven that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is willing to lie about everything. A war reveals everything eventually. You cannot hide the victims, the deceased and the burned villages forever. The destroyed factories needs to be rebuilt. Airports destroyed and whatnot of infrastructure needs funds to be rebuilt.

You can blow up a home, kill a person, but someone has to build a new home and another have to bury the deceased. This is why the tragedies will be revealed and the horrific actions will be told. It will not be in the manner or which the state can control the narratives or the evidence itself. Since, then its the people, the victims or the refugees telling their eye-witness stories. They are happening on a later date, but they still know what they saw and who was the culprit of the action.

Therefore, Prime Minister Abiy cannot lie about it then. He can lie about it now and act like things are not happening. Still, that doesn’t make it true.

Just like he has in the past lied about the demographics about the refugees who fled to Sudan. He also lied about the presence and the allied forces from Eritrea in the conflict. The Prime Minister also lied about the preparation for the conflict and the troops movement ahead of November 2020. Therefore, there hasn’t been any story he has been trustworthy with.

The Prime Minister have even told two different stories on his own origins. That shouldn’t be possible, but still an action he has done. The Prime Minister has lied about other things and I’m still wondering when his government going to have the ability to control rain.

The Prime Minister will call this a free and fair election. While most of his real opposition is behind bars or already killed. The authorities has blocked the opposition and stopped them from challenging him. That’s why we know this isn’t an honest poll. If it was… he wouldn’t have so many political prisoners and stopped their parties from running campaigns. Therefore, that is another lie.

This PM will lie. He is willingly lying about everything. The PM will say the economy is steaming to greatness. While he couldn’t balance the budget without borrowing funds from the International Monetary Funds or World Bank. The PM cannot be running a well government in wartime. He is spending funds on warfare and assaulting his own citizens. Just to prove a point. The PM is possibly paying the Eritrean forces to fight his own wars. Therefore, the government have huge bills to pay without the additional growth to cover the expenses.

The Prime Minister is now saying there is no hunger in Tigray region. While there been clear covering of that. Where there was 33,000 children neglected and possibly dying of hunger there. Over 300,000 facing dire hunger and distress in the region. You know the PM is lying. As his troops and tripartite alliance is stopping aid convoys and blocking NGOs from helping there. Therefore, the PM knows perfectly well, but to save his own face he prefers to lie.

This PM will lie about anything. His party and allies will do whatever and say whatever to look good. The house is maybe burning, but they are saying it has a strong foundation. Still, the fire is burning and destroying it. They will say the paint isn’t toxic or it’s somebody else fault that the alarm didn’t go-off. The PM will say that people shouldn’t report on the fire or talk about the consequences of it. They should focus on the garden and the neighbourhood itself. That’s how they are playing with things.

Prime Minister Abiy will lie and continue to lie. It doesn’t matter as long as it benefits him and his agenda. This is their game and the citizens are the props. That is tragic, but the reality of it all. Peace.

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