A memo on the Ethiopia 2021 Elections

The ones that believes in this is really delusional and naive. There is no reason to believe the polls tomorrow will be representative of the will of the people. Neither in all the other zones and woredas, which has been postponed. The postponed ones are just getting prepared for another round of prefixed results and secure the leadership are in favour of the current Prime Minister.

There is noting that has been initiated towards the polls that has made it believable. The Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali have prepared everything and we know the gist of it. This isn’t a free and fair election. The state will say so and so will the appointed authorities do as well. The Election Observations Missions (EOMs) will be positive and give good feedback too. Only recommend some changing of legislation, but call it mostly a success.

Therefore, this election is prepared and a end-game everyone knows. It is not like the Prosperity Party or the ones ruling in Addis Ababa will not loose any sleep. They have been preparing for this for months and this is just the victory lap.

The results will be clear and the Prosperity Party will have the majority. The Prime Minister will get his first elected term. The House of Federation will have a majority of PP members. The others will be associated who are friendly and directly aligned with the PP. That is just the initial thing here. The PP and the ones in-charge has gotten rid of the real enemies, the real opponents and the ones who really challenge it. They are either illegal, behind bars or totally destroyed. Some have boycotted the elections, but the results are all the same. Just a final stretch for his majesty and his court. They are ready for the coronation and to be sworn-in.

This election is just for show. The drones, the ballots and the stadiums with people. Which is ironic, as the election was postponed for the fear of COVID-19 last year. However, they still had large gatherings ahead of the polls. That just shows how insincere this government is and what they had planned along in this sixth unconstitutional year of their regime.

The political prisoners, the silencing of the opposition and the destruction of the dissidents. Should be the worry. However, people who are asking for dialogue. Should first look into all the parties, all the people and the families who has been touched by this government. This current regime and administration has done nobody any favours. They have only gone after people to consolidate all power. This elections are to legitimize that and grab the power finally. Where they can look at the polls and say. I am righteously elected and it’s official. I’m not just selected by the previous political coalition, but by law elected as the Prime Minister. My cabinet and all the representatives, which is my allies is the same.

That is the reason for the election tomorrow. This election isn’t to get the proper representation or the leaders the citizens deserves. The polls is to get the hand-picked and anointed people of the current leadership. They are just ensuring their mandate and making sure they can rule without question.

Prime Minister Abiy rather silence his critics, arrest, torture and kill if he has too. Just to ensure everyone bows their knees, kiss the ring and sings the praises of his grace. The duty of the public is to serenade him. They are supposed to entertain him and bash in his glory. His their king and majesty. The people just don’t know it yet.

He will be the Prime Minster. His associates and handlers will be elected. There is no doubt about that. It is all prepared and the results could have been dropped already. Abiy isn’t going anywhere. If he was? He wouldn’t have issued war, caused so much harm and ordered these sorts of atrocities, if he knew he was loosing or wouldn’t be the Head of the State after the polls. He wouldn’t have dared to challenge the opposition like he does or been so confident. That’s because he knows and everyone should know.

It was already made, in the air and tomorrow the final nail is in the coffin. He will let people starve, be raped and killed on the daily. Just to prove that he shouldn’t be humiliated or lose face. If he does, that is reason enough to silence you. That is what the Prime Minister does and a character like that. Will not risk loosing an election. That’s why tomorrow isn’t an election, but an selection.

The man, the myth and the legend, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, the seventh king, the ring-leader of the Medemer Terror and this era’s proud tyrant of Ethiopia. Is finally legitimized and has been “elected”. Peace.

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